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Brazil will be Googles sixth largest market

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  • Brazil will be Googles sixth largest market

    Leading search engine in the world, google is expected to grow in Latin America Google 's revenue in Latin America increased between 50% and 100% last year, driven by the region's economic recovery after the recession triggered by the global financial crisis. That is why the company has been opening new offices to consolidate itself in the region. Latin America still represents a small slice of the revenue of the main search engine in the world. Only 3% of Google's global revenue, which was US$ 29.3 billion in 2010, comes from countries in the region, but the company's expectation is that this will change soon. In addition to economic growth, improving broadband and expanding e-commerce are driving Google's.

    If it's not working as I want I'll publish others. Until it happens the way I wanted it to. The , of course, and feeds this process. I am very connected to the audience and I work a lot for the blog. The internet reader is not faithful. You have to look for it every day. I also Austria Phone Number List use Twitter and the paper column as decoys.” (Patricia Kogut) I've had the blog for five years. I started with a post from a parrot who delivered an adultery case and wrote about other subjects to see the warmth of the staff. I'm talking about news that is not found in the common media, it calls attention. It is fueled by this thirst for the unusual. Reader participation increased a lot too, sometimes with comments even more fun than the post.

    We learned a lot from practice about what it means to have a blog. Today we use social networks more, we learn to listen to criticism, we learn that the "success" of a post is always relative, as the best post is one that associates audience with community loyalty and that awakens reflections. Success always belongs to the collective, which is why we celebrate whenever one of us breaks a record. And we realized that the most important thing – like everything else in life – is that the blog adds something to our lives. We cannot imagine ourselves today without having 7×7 as an immediate and interactive channel for giving opinions, provoking, transmitting reflections.