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The easiest way to get product reviews on Amazon

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  • The easiest way to get product reviews on Amazon

    Mention the newsletter sign up option You may email your customer once following an Amazon sale In this email direct them to your sign up page for your newsletter Place Targeted Facebook ads In we shifted a big part of our external ads budget from Google to Facebook Today Facebook Ads are our most important external paid traffic source options and you don t need an existing fan base for that The great thing about Facebook Ads is that you can define your target audience and create a post which will show up directly in a user s Facebook feed Working with this Amazon conversion tracking tool catapulted our Facebook marketing performance into entirely new dimensions The bottom line is that with analytics you finally know whether Your Facebook advertising is worthwhile You are really addressing on Amazon Your advertising is actually generating revenue Use Amazon Sponsored Product placements.

    Amazon Sponsored Products is by far the fastest way to get your product on the first page of Amazon search results Amazon Sponsored Products work similar to Google AdWords where you bid on search terms If a person is searching on Amazon for your product you can buy an ad relative to those search terms and your offer will appear next to the best results The great thing about Amazon Sponsored Products is that it is very easy to set up You can do it in a matter of minutes Point all Product links to Amazon You email database might ask Why should I send my customers over to Amazon if I already have my own website The number one reason is that your ultimate goal is to be on the first page of the search results and if possible in the top three listing This is where the big money is made not by a single sale on your site Apart from our website we point every link on Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram our blog posts and our email newsletter to one specific Amazon product page Get.

    Your products in the hands of bloggers and Youtubers Youtube is the second biggest search engine in the world It s really good to have a ton of reviews about your products on there so that you show up first in search no matter where they search for you Maximize your product packaging Every case we ship includes a small booklet and two business card sized inserts with discount codes for customers to give their friends or use on their next Amazon order of a KAVAJ product Customers are telling their friends about us and they re buying more cases for themselves We also use our best customer testimonials to build trust We put our best quote on the outside packaging and for our most important products we include a customer case study inside a small booklet Create effective Google Ad campaigns We spent a lot of money on Google in our early days However Facebook Ads and Amazon Sponsored Products totally changed the game Today you should use Google AdWords as follows Focus on brand name Focus your efforts on your brand name and the most specific.