Our Team

NoMoshing is in charge of development, writing, dialogues, editing, basically 90% of all the work that goes into our games. He is also President of Bad Kitty Games.
2095Conash is our resident coder and community manager!
Kumiho is the pixel artist behind all our custom icons, sprites and tiles!
Yuno Rein is the current artist working with the team, who is working on the new Therese hentai scenes!
Moomabelle is a contributing composer who all of our awesome music and was also the writer behind “Rescue Me”!

Other staff who have contributed to Harem Collector:
DrawingNeko is a contributing artist who did some of the Therese and Doralice hentai CGs!
GusBus is the artist behind the Diadira CGs and some of the enemy battle sprites!
Nekochan contributed most of the harem girls’ character designs!
SacB0y and Jingzy are the artists behind the Nerys, Yamamaya, Alina, Larelle and many other scenes!
YukoValis contributed sprite art is currently one of our Discord and Forum moderators!
Gurotaku made all the 3D HCG. Even though we’re removing them from the game, we wouldn’t be where we are without him!
Kakurine, Daishi, and Eight88 contributing some of the sex scene text shown in the game.
Allie is the lovely lady who provided vocals on “Rescue Me”!