Still lots to do….

I’m still pushing through the various fixes and new content. Lilac and Violet now can receive gifts and chat, though they don’t have much to say at the moment. Also, with Lilac at least, you can choose to have sex with her at any time. There is no benefit for doing so, other than a short scene and a single CG image.

You can no longer swap party characters in and out at will, and the Formation option has been removed from the menu. I needed to do this in order to control the game’s difficulty better. I’ve installed Yanfly’s Party System script, and now whenever you leave your manor the formation menu will open up for you to get the slave girls you think you’ll require.

The party chat feature works… sort of. The entire process is there, I just have to do the writing for it now.

As I said before, the extended opening is done, but I removed the credits from it because it was pretty tedious. For now, the credits monument will remain until I think of something else.

Unfortunately, something I did while applying mods to 3DCG causes it to have a critical failure when I open the program, but the error message is in Japanese and I have no idea what it’s saying. So I must re-install the game and start over, and hopefully not lose any of my already-complete characters.

Other than that, the Lumberhill stuff might not be completed, but I don’t know. There have been a couple setbacks already this week- on top of the 3DCG thing it took me the better part of Monday to figure out a not-retardedly-complex way of doing the party chat feature. I hope to meet all my content goals, but we’ll see.

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    1. Worse than moonspeak- I don’t have the proper language pack so I just get a string of unicode gibberish. I was switching to a more stable uncensored mod and the switchover fucked the whole things.

      I’m giving my fingers a break right now- just finished implementing the new face set for Randi and fixing all the pixel garbage always leaves me aching. Also done this morning: Randi now has something to say when you give her shit and she doesn’t magically start shapeshifting into Meline. Also, there is now a candy store so there is now a tier of gifts available between toys and flowers.

  1. For what it’s worth, I suggest dropping the whole lack of Formation in menu thing and having to change parties at the mansion thing. From a gamer point of view, it makes everything artificially tedious. From a programmer point of view, you could well end up wasting time and effort trying to write lines of code with no benefit again.

    1. I don’t think it would be tedious. The XP leak is still at 100%, so you don’t have to worry about individually levelling each character. You throw together a team that you think works (or potentially a purpose-built team to fuck up Homunculus Epsilon like you know it badly deserves) and go do a quest, which inevitably drops you off back at home. I haven’t done super-detailed testing of the new script, but I believe your equipment management remains the same.
      There will, at some stage, be 14 total party characters in the game, which means sooner to later I’m going to need dungeons that can deliver tens of thousands of damage (before healing) in order to stand a credible threat to the player or you’d just swap out characters between battles, and I think the no-swapping outside of the mansion is a decent solution.

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