July 2013 Public Release

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?x5pueafa2aj74bj

Changes in the new version:

-The hero has a new sprite and faces. This took hours and hours for me to change. If you want to know why there isn’t a big quest or something awesome in this update, it’s because of this. Fuck.
-Meline also has a new sprite and faces, though not all of her faces have been implemented yet.
– For balance reasons, Death no longer prevents characters from gaining any XP.
-Several skills have had their momentum and mana costs changed.
-The Gang Leader’s stun strike has been adjusted to be 66% effective instead of 90%.
-The drop rate of monster drop-only gift items has been doubled.
-There is a new (small) quest, started by trying to invest in the Eastfort drug dealer.
-A new character has been implemented. He joins your party outside your manor.
-The first sex scene with Meline now has CGs
-The second sex scene with Alina (currently plays after the package delivery quest) now has CGs.
-Some CGs have been replaced by new, improved versions by our new official CG guy, Gurotaku. I enlisted him because I kind of suck at doing CGs and he is pretty experienced with 3DCG and helping me out.

By the way, next will there will no be the customary “Stuff in the next version” list, because I’m deviating from those pretty frequently. All I’ll say about the August update is that it’s going to be big.

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    1. There will never be random encounters. However, there will be an area associated with a quest that you can actually visit before the quest and clear out monsters before hand. The basic idea is that the area contains a bunch of level 5-ish monsters native monsters, but for the quest gets invaded by another species that’s around level 9.

  1. how do i know when i’ve run out of quests/content?

    i got larelle after a VERY FUCKING ANNOYING BATTLE and i’m wondering .. what now? i torture her but i can’t advance time any more to turn her into an actual party member.

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