Website Launch and Harem Collector February Release!

Check out our website and get the latest version of Harem Collector!

The hard work of weeks and weeks finally pays off!

New Stuff in February Version of Harem Collector

-The Southport Docks can now be entered (though there isn’t a lot there yet) and there is a new quest waiting for you at the Southport Adventurer’s Guild.
-The Northmarket Slums have been redesigned.
-There are now at least 20 Dark Seeds in the game and a corresponding Dark Seed reward.
-There are two alchemists in the Westcastle Alchemist Guild for you to invest in and reap the rewards from. Note: The related quest “Hero Baker and the Philosopher’s Stone” cannot be completed yet!
-A, S and D can now be used to set your speed directly, without using the shift key.
-The CTRL key can now be used to auto-forward text.
-There is a new random sex scene that features Randi, which will trigger if you complete a quest in the Eastfort area.
-Serade and Gargan now have CGS for their scenes!
 -The Carriage Hire was re-added to the Northmarket Wealthy District
-You can now sell armour! And use the Harem/Followers menu without crashing the game!
-Menu healing has been re-enabled, and you can only use menu skills from people in your active party!
-Luck and Agility buffs and debuffs now also affect your evasion, hit rate, critical chance and critical evade!
-A mysterious new place, the Village of Huntervale, can now be visited!
-Raina will now be present in your manor after the Journeyman party, and can fight alongside you and be gifted! (Note: In order to have her in your party, you cannot use a save made after the Journeyman ceremony).

11 Replies to “Website Launch and Harem Collector February Release!”

  1. Just a quick heads up found a bug with maline quest not starting when you get her
    relationship over 100 in the public release, also a fire in the northmarket slums is
    not in its proper place.

  2. Theres an invisible wall in between the 2 planks on the HMS Sea Cucumber. Upon reloading a new save and entering the slums, the first part of Lord of the Manor flashes, even if the quest is already completed.

  3. So I moved my old save over to the game, and noticed a bunch of my jobs were switched around, which is fine, no big deal I’ll just start a new game.

    But I also noticed in another save file before the “Save Kyrie” quest, Kyries job was set to be Bounty Hunter when I finally got to it. She was the only mixed up one in all the new characters I received, so maybe you forgot to change her job class id to match the new sorting.

    It’s also possible that I really need to start from the very beginning, in which please just ignore this comment.

  4. My characters sometimes take damage for no reason or start with less than full health after a mission.

    The water next t the carraige house damages my characters when I walk over it.

    Sometimes walking right next or in the case of needing the shovel, right over a hidden item causes a reactoin from the Seeker’s stone, sometimes not. For example, the buried items in Southport or Lumberhill have no reaction, other items do react, like if you are next to the broken clock in the clockmaker’s store.

    During the Manor Fight, Meline does not join in the first battle. Also, when I did the zombie quest before the Manor, but took the time to raise up Larelle’s like past the point that she joins the party, she shows up in the dungeon anyway during the assault.

    The dialog to enchanting Chimei’s Fan has a typo. Didn’t is spelled “idn’t”.

    During the Yamamaya love quest, the guard on the Arena door when you are going to fight is often not in the correct position to block the door after the first fight.

    New quest issues in the Southport ship include being unable to equip the boxers or the bracers. After finishing this quest, the save cannot be used anymore, it is greyed out.

    And if I may say so, I like the redesign on the faces of the Recettear characters and the angels. The generic maids are a nice touch, but you may want more than 1 face for them, and they tend to resemble Haruhi Suzumiya.

    May I suggest new dialogue for the dungeons? I notice that Torture can take the place of gifts, which is fine, but they shouldn’t have the same dialogue for when you try to do it twice. Maybe the hero can say he doesn’t want to hurt the slave too much? This could make him seem less of a douche at least.

    1. The damage for no reason might be because of an item you equipped. I had one item (a black iron gauntlet or something) that hurt you while walking and bugged out when I died with it equipped.

      After reequipping the item and unequipping it it stopped.

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