Games You Might Not Have Tried: RPG Maker Edition

Originally I wasn’t going to write anything today- have been feeling really unwell lately and today has been the worst of it. However, I saw today’s Extra Credits and was inspired. So, let’s all go on a meandering trip through my games collection to see my suggestions to you. Not all of them are recent, and not all of them are porn games, but here it is.

Despair Labyrinth
When people talk about the “greats” in the RPG Maker H-Game community, they mostly refer to Overwhored or Harem… but I don’t see DL come up too often. Despair Labyrinth is an excellent game combining a pseudo-roguelike kinda feel with game over rape and a morality system. Plus, all the starting characters have very different personalities and playstyles, making for a lot of replayability.

Embric of Wulfhammer’s Castle
I don’t even know how to describe this… it’s a romantic comedy open world puzzle game, I think? There’s a crazy amount of depth and things to do here. The ending can potentially go complete off the rails into Gainax territory though, so you’ve been warned.

Heartache 101
If you’re into dating sims and visual novels, give this a try. It’s a free visual novel/dating sim/board game, if you can believe it, with some fun, quirky characters and the ability to mod the game.

The Crooked Man
I haven’t finished playing this one, but it’s an excellent RPG Maker-style horror game (I think it’s actually created with some other editor….) The game itself dances on that fine line between melancholy and fear… it’s an excellent use of your time if you like horror.

Huh, I guess that’s it…. If you have any recommendations, put them in the comments.

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  1. I love Embric so much, truly a genius game. Wish they were still working on the sequel, but that seems to be vaporware.

    For porn one of the best is Violated Heroine, but it’s not fully translated and difficult to find at that. Sim Brothel 2 is also pretty good If shallow(not that many porn games are deep :D).

    For games Ib, Exit Fate, Alter Aila Genesis, and The Way are all pretty good, and actually manage quite a lot in the RPGmaker system that doesn’t seem possible.

    1. I can certainly share your opinion. But I actually do not find it hard to download an up to date version of Violated Heroine. A quite up to date and fully pre-patched version of the game can be found here (You might be able to create a more up to date version by downloading the original and patching it yourself with everything available, but I would not recommend it. It would take quite a bit of time and can lead to problems if the different patches do not work well together.):
      And as long a no more people try to post a Let’s Play of it on Youtube, the downloadlink will stay active. (Yes, unbelievable but true, there actually were two players that posted Let’s Plays of there Playthrough on Youtube…)

    2. Ah, my information on that is old, last I had checked was something like 6 months ago and the translator had gone inactive, as such it was pretty difficult to find.

  2. From my folder of complete games:
    BraveSoul (Porn)
    Dead Moon Night (Not Porn)
    Dhux’s Scar (Not Porn, Mature Content)
    Love And War (Not Porn)
    [How can you not mention] LoQO (and LoQOII)[?!?!?!?!]
    Monster Girl Quest (Take a guess)
    Shrink High (Porn)
    Tales of the Drunken Paladin (Not Porn, Matur(ish) Content)
    Village of Nightmare (Porn)

    1. I can certainly recommend quite a few of those games you have on the list.

      But I do belive it is apparent as to why nomoshing did not mention Legend of Queen Opala. The title of the post is “Games You Might Not Have Tried: RPG Maker Edition “.
      And I do belive everybody that knows about RPG Maker porn games knows or should know LoQO.

      He is seemingly focusing on rarer or underappriciated games.

    2. Perhaps but Embric in particular was at one point featured on some fairly high profile places, rock paper shotgun alone wrote several times about it.

  3. Yeah “BraveSoul” is pretty good, short but fun.

    “Legend of Queen Opala I Gold” is also worth a shot, although I’d avoid the second one as it’s as grindy as it gets. (even with speedhack)

    “The Last Demon Hunter” is excellent if you can play around all the “bad end” traps.

    As for some of the others, well they’re either not available in english or not RPGmaker.

    Also anyone got a few hours and haven’t played Embric: GO do it! ^_^

    1. Problem is not difficulty iirc, my problem was that for every ~three hours of cloned fedex quests and killing the same stock rpgmaker monsters you maybe get a minute long scene, which may or may not include the pc and could be missed entirely by picking from a seemingly unrelated choice you made an hour ago.

      First game was borderline in that regard, but the second just took it too far imho.

    2. Geez, it is amusing to google your game just to find the dl link for a friend, and then read approving reviews, thank you anonymous, you are what keeps us game programmers going -TLDH Designer.

  4. Dear Lack-of-Moshing,

    Have you ever considered making a list like this a feature in your new website?

    I’ve often thought that the western h/adult game market needs its version of Steam/DLsite; some centralized source for purchase, donating, reviewing, and finding out about other games.

    Even if implementing such a system is beyond scope, even something like a ‘list of adult games wiki’, or collection of reviews, would be really great, and would drive traffic to your site. Lists like this kinda can be found in other places, but they’re usually not updated, specific to one fetish (furry), or have flaws like containing many games with little content.

    Anyway, just a thought! I shared something similar the other day on the Overwhored blog.

    1. Well why don’t you do it?

      Sharing some games now and then is great but I’d prefer if he/she spend whatever time he/she had on the actual game rather then maintaing a eroge omnibus or whatever

    2. I don’t have a website, I don’t have a game that pulls in traffic, and I don’t have a game to advertise/get out there.

      I mean, we both agree that the game is priority and all, but such a feature might not really take that much time, might be something he could find someone else to do the coding for, and might help advance the ‘industry’ as a whole.

    3. It’s something that MWL and I are thinking about doing, is where we offer file hosting for other H-games that meet our standards. If we go ahead on that, we would definitely have some sort of accessible directory to look through for games, maybe even host reviews too. We have plenty to do before we’re prepared to do that though.

    4. Excellent to hear! If you ever need help, let us know and I’m sure you’d get a ton of help, including from myself.

      PS- I hope you do keep your tweeting up! I don’t have twitter but read your stream daily (which probably means I should just cave and get an account..)

  5. Just finished The Crooked Man and God Fucking Damnit it! it was beyond awesome.
    It even got me cr.. errm.. a little bit emotional towards the end.
    Thanks for the recommendation Noah.

  6. Hello Nomoshing.
    After playing your game and other game such as Harem, i wanna try and make my own RPG maker H-game.There are some question i want to ask you.

    Did you make all the HCG using 3D Custom Girl ? If yes, then how did you do to make several girl appeare at the the same time ?

    In addition, did you drawn all the character avatar yourself or is there a template or tool to have you generate characters’ avatar ?

    1. All my H-scenes are done with 3D Custom Girl, but I’m not the one making the scenes. I actually have a volunteer, Gurotaku, who does all the 3D modelling, because I proved to be so completely inept at it getting a single scene done ate up between 0.5-1.5 days of my time. There are places where you can seek help, but as great as 3DCG is for having lots of ready-made art assets, the program itself is pretty hard to use.

      The avatars are made using Erangot’s Character Machine flash program. Erangot is a hugely awesome person who has been supportive of the project, so check out her Deviantart profile:

  7. Check out Emmerzail by Rayne. It’s PWP, except plot part is extremely good. Three possible mc with separate storyline for each, loads of content, leveling is done through quests and events – no grinding at all, every scene has lots of cg, all of which done in same style – although it’s very simplistic, so some may consider it shortcomming.

    1. Word is, there’s stuff for 30+ scenes written during downtime and he’s been coding it like mad since a few days ago when he got a laptop.

    2. Word is, there’s stuff for 30+ scenes written during downtime, and he’s been coding it since a few days ago when he got a laptop. I tentatively expect an update full of awesomness within a couple of months or so.

  8. I disagree with you in despair laberynth because is an incomplet game with no story the game system was interesting but is not implemented, irather play Violated Heroine in fact i would rather play Pocket Gal Hunter instead of Despair Laberynth
    The crooked man is good but Mad Father is better.
    You should have mention Ao Oni because is better than Mad Father and Croodked Man

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