The Monster Girl Situation, Revisited

Game Update: Testing week begins tonight. I still have a bit of work to do (realized late last night that I forgot to upload a bunch of new face images, including Gargan’s, and have to code the new harem girls into the gift giving script) but most of it won’t require testing- worst case scenario I can send the game to get tested and finish polishing up before the backer release.

Health Update: My cough has gotten worse, but the medication is helping. I’ll be going back to the doctors’ later this week, once the release is ready. On a positive note, I’ve adjusted to this medication, so I can put in full workdays again. Yay!

So I’ve been thinking lately of examining old promises and statements about what content will be in Harem Collector, and sort of updating them. This week, I review an old post regarding monster girls that will/may/will not appear in HC at some point, and update you on them. BTW, you can find the original post here.

Well, yeah. You can already fuck one of the capital-A Angels. I might throw in a character based on one of the angelic servitors, because the Hero might figure out a way to control one.

Alraune, Dryads, Mandragora
I’m still passing on the predatory aspects of the Alraune and Mandragora. They might appear as enemies, though.
Dryads are a different story. I don’t know what I’m going to do with a dryad-girl yet- if she will appear in a one time scene, if the Hero will transplant her tree to make her part of the harem, if I’ll ignore the whole “home tree” thing and just make dryads more generic wood- or tree-elementals.

Spider girls, spider girls, friendly neighborhood spider girls
Sorry, but anything spider-related still gets all my nope.

This has actually changed to a no, mostly because Chibi has threatened me with bodily harm if the sex organs of said centaur are in the wrong place.

Classic Elementals
I’ve warmed up to the idea of elementals lately, though simply throwing in the classic elementals and just saying “gotta catch ’em all” still seems a bit lazy. What might be fun is to make elementals of the magic elements that exist in the game. Elementals of fire, cold and lightning are easy to imagine, but what about acid, psychic, sonic, and poison? If you have any ideas, I’m all ears.

I’ve recently been called out on inconsistencies regarding my demon-policy, so the new official word- all demons have sexual characteristics, only succubi can interbreed with other races. So, not only will you fuck a demon, I’m leaving open the possibility of having half-demon characters who will be easier to reason with and control.

There are now two kind of dragon in HC’s canon. The lesser dragons are basic big, flying, energy-breathing dinosaurs that are about as smart as a primate- so they’re not going to be fuckable. However, the greater Dragons have the ability take a humanoid shape. Some of them might become fuckable in the future, though, like the capital-D Demons and capital-A Angels, are of too high a power level to be properly enslaved.

Fairies will probably make it into the series in some form. This is something Chibi is particualrly excited about, so I’m leaving room for her to develop her owns ideas, which I will cherry pick from.

Gazebo, weird D&D monsters, weird LoZ monsters
I don’t have any specific plans yet to include something like this yet, but you can expect sooner or later there will be a flumph-girl or something just for the lulz factor.

I promised a ghost girl “soon” in the original post, and I still intend to have one in HC, it’s just that other stuff keeps on taking priority. I think there will be a ghost girl in the game sometime early-middle 2015, but I can’t say exactly when.

Next update will feature the promised “artificially created creatures you can fuck”. These are nymphs- basically semi-living sex dolls crafted out of various elements or concepts. There’s even a scene involving one.

There is something kind of like a kitsune going into HC2 for sure. Nekochan even did some concept art for her.

Orcs are already in the game as a mono-gendered, asexual race that “spores” other species with orc fetuses. I was thinking of including hobgoblins or something (maybe firmir?) as an orange-skinned anti-orc- a mono-gendered race that always appears female and requires sperm from other species to procreate, but is still fundamentally asexual.

There will be a slime girl in HC. That hasn’t changed. By big hold-up right now is that nobody who makes decent slime girls sprites will get back to me when I ask about using them.

Trolls will be included to I get to make more Homestuck jokes. Might throw one in the harem if I can think of a decent character idea.

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  1. Hope you get better, I had pneumonia early this year, I spended almost 2 weeks in the bed, while my throat and lungs gave me one of the worst moments of my entire life, so I know how you’re feeling.

    Abou the game.
    No Centaurs? Aww that sucks, why the big deal about them? I’m really fond of them.
    Based on their shape, is safe to assume that the genitals will be in the horse half, both in male and female, and not in upper human torso. What does chibi doesn’t like about them? Ever Heard of Centorea from monster musume manga, heck it is one of the best manga I’ve read on the last few years thanks to the monster girls, and I normally hate harem-ecchi type mangas.

    And about the golem/nymph girl, how about made her a construct like KosMos, an artificial human like body on the outside with some kind of power or magic energy inside. A mass destruction weapon shaped like a sexy woman, gotta love that.
    Btw, I agree about spider girls, they freak me out and nagas/lamias too.

  2. Well, I have to admit I’m kinda sad to hear that we won’t be getting a centaur of our own in story -_- all in all they are probably my favorite monster girl type, followed by kitsune which I guess makes things a little better ^^; still kinda disappointing but you’ve got to do what you feel is best I guess

      1. Woo!

        two bits of good news in the last few minutes then ^^ this here and my credit card finally woke up and realized I’d thrown money at it >.> by which I mean you should get an email from paypal about a new backer donation soon /laugh only just found this game or I’d have helped out sooner /grin

        1. Wow, that’s one way to do positive reinforcement. Expect your form letter soon, but since you’re on the forum at the same time I’ll just go ahead and hook you up now.

  3. What about driders? Dark elves seriously dig them. Or is it still too close to spiders? Not sure how there’re supposed to be fuckable, tho.
    but what about acid, psychic, sonic, and poison? If you have any ideas, I’m all ears.
    I am trying to picture what could possibly happen if you try to bang one of these and my imagination gives me all kinds of horrible images. Acid? Poison? That would likely end very very badly. Psychic might work. As well as sonic. All those vibrations and the like.
    Fairies. Remind me how big they really are?
    Gazebo. Gazebo. Gazebo. Gazebo! GAZEBO! Me want a fuckable Gazebo.
    Kitsunes. Are they different from usual portrayal i.e. basically oriental succubi? Also my guess you could meet one in Kellos or where the Chimei is from?

    1. Driders are still kind of gross. I’ll admit this me being squicky about spiders in particular, tho, no shame on being into spider girls of any variety yourself.

      Fairies- It’s in Chibi’s wheelhouse, and I don’t mind having her tell me how it is. Knowing her, she’d probably make everything shape- and/or size-shifting anyway, but who knows?

      Kitsune- The character I have in mind is more based off the pokemon Zoroark, who is in turn inspired by kitsune myths. You’ll get more information when HC1 is in the can, so to speak, and I start drumming up interest for the sequel.

    2. On the topic of spider girls and driders, what does the chick from the top of count as? Does she count as a drider, or a spider girl, or something else?

      Acid and poison elementals are not that hard to imagine. Just say that the acid/poison is inside them and poses a threat only when released. So as long as the MC is doing the elemental there’s nothing to worry about, but if he ever gets on the receiving end… This idea was actually inspired by a CYOA that features an acid slime girl.

      1. I’m not super clear on the variations, but Drider is originally a term from D&D referring to a dark elf high priestess that undergoes a partial transformation after a ritual (traditional D&D dark elves worship a spider god).

        I could also do kind of game mechanic kinda joke, where you can’t have sex with Poison or Acid elementals unless you have X number of Potions of Y Resistance to chug beforehand.

    1. Nice pic. Actually, the reason why the Southport player housing has been so delayed is because of a clockwork girl.
      The maps have been finished for a long time- the maps for the Southport housing have been done for a long time and it’s actually a really neat idea that Nekochan had, but the maid/housekeeper is supposed to be a clockwork girl you have to have repaired to interact with her. The art is kind of complicated, because she has a winding key that turns with her walk animation and such, so Chibi is going to take her time and get everything perfect for her.

  4. First of all, sorry to hear about everything, hopefully your delayed relief will be relief that lasts a good long time.
    As far as monster girls, let’s see. . .
    For the elementals, you’re description makes it seem like what you’re looking at is a scenario whereby sometimes incredibly concentrated loci of the specific magic types can spontanously gain a will of their own. Now this would probably create a non-sexual being driven more by instinct than intelect, but if their fundamentally unstable in pure magic form, it could then lead to them being driven to seek stability by taking on the properties of existing stable lifeforms through copying, or merging, or some other method.

    As far as the highest level dragons, possibly you might have one storyline featuring a really high level dragon cougar who’s got a thing for human sex and wants to play a little game with the hero that’ll at some point lead to her itch being scratched.

    Fairies. Have you ever read Ghost Sweeper Mikami? Near the end of the Manga they introduced one of the last surviving pixies. She was about tinkerbell sized, so even the series lead Hentai wasn’t sure about helping her professed desire to mate. He was briefly on board when she revealed she could turn human size, but then it turned out she could only do it for a few seconds at a time.

    As far as trolls, here’s a great story

    1. You put a lot of thought into that elementals thing. Those are some good ideas, but I don’t know if I can squeeze them into HC1.

      The elemental idea is more suggestive of a whole quest chain to sort of seek these kinds of places out. Greater dragons won’t appear until HC2 for story reasons.

      As for fairies, that sounds pretty cool, but like I said, I’m giving the design control to Chibi on that.

  5. Thunder is caused by lightning, so their elementals should come in sets. They could be two manifestations of a single elemental entity. They could originate seperately, but attract each other like positive and negative charges. Lightning elementals could cause their own thunder elemental. They could simply be ‘born’ as twins. There are tonnes of possibilities.

    And they should universally be massive siscons. Don’t forget about them being siscons.

    1. Psychic elementals could be non-naturally occurring. I have a couple ideas, but my favourite at the moment is that they could be the psychic equivalent of a lich. Once you’ve got enough power, you can just use astral projection and leave that useless sack of meat behind to rot. They could just be servitors created by people with great psychic power, but I like the lich story better.

      Acid and poison elementals could get a similar story. They’re why alchemists shouldn’t just dump their failed experiments wherever they please; all the magic in the potions and formulas could mix, ferment and have all kinds of weird reactions. Most are harmless(?), which is part of why so many alchemists still go the cheap route and illegally dump their crap in improperly sealed containers.

      That could play a role in any sex scenes they’re involved in. Their elemental alignment is poison/acid, sure, but because of their alchemical origins, they have a mishmash of all kinds of abilities. BOOM! The PC is a girl. It’ll only last ’till the end of the scene, *cough* probably, *cough* but still! Let’s have some fun with it, while it lasts.

      Still, unless they’re explicitly the the same breed of elemental, there’ll need to be some distinction. Having them be the same thing wouldn’t be too bad; if they show up as an enemy or companion, you could give them some kind of modal ability for them to switch between being poisonous and acidic. Fits them being a weird mix of random stuff thrown together.

  6. First of all, and I know I’m not overly creative there, hang in there and get better. I generally don’t get really ill so I can’t say I know what you are going through, but at the very least I can understand how it feels to feel terrible most of the time so … yeah, get better.

    Now getting to the actual content-ish part of it, honestly, I care more about the haremettes being somewhat entertaining to interact with or to get than I do about their specific race or whatever it would be (“for as long as they are cute”, is what I’d say, though “for as long as they are amusing” can also make do).

    That being said, I do have a few ideas, and while most of them are either things you though of yourself, things others thought of and told you already, or downright terrible, mayhap there will be something salvageable in there.

    1. For the high-level dragons, I think it would be amusing if one such character had a thing for “shiny things” and sent the hero on quests involving such stuff both on recruiting her into the harem and on one or two of her relationship quests (love quest for 100 points, and maybe one quest given at 60 points). The thing with it, though, would be that she wouldn’t like gold, which goes contrary to what the hero thinks (because for him, gold is almost everything, so naturally “shiny = gold”), and trying to give her anything made of gold would make the quests fail (outside of the recruitment quest, that is; the 60 or so point quest might even, assuming it is possible which I think it is, give different rewards depending on what sort of shiny thing you give her). Also, that way you could make such a character to be a normally stoic person that goes “squee” when shiny things are involved (and then tries to salvage her image); yes, it’s cliché, and yes, it’s old, but it’s still funny to watch.

    2. As for elementals, how about a light elemental, with a gimmick that she can only be in places from where she can see a mirror, and capable of jumping from one mirror to another (though that being limited to mirrors she had marked, i.e. touched before, so she couldn’t jump to a mirror she had never touched)? There’s even a recruitment quest with the whole package (left in some remote place with only one mirror she had touched being left, and thus being unable to leave the place unless someone helps her out), and a love/trust quest reward (assuming you’d get that far, it could all end with her making a hand-held mirror for the hero that she could move to; I don’t know whether that could be usable for anything or just a dummy item used as a flag for something, but I’m sure getting such a thing will make players smile).

    3. Another thing with elementals, as I don’t know if you are planning anything like that, how about a shadow elemental with an ability to to change her size between normal and a mini-form that is like a feet or feet-and-a-half high? Obviously such a thing wouldn’t be used for any pervy scenes (if it were used, that would be disturbing), but it could be used for recruiting some character or getting to some secrets (I mean, a character with an ability to get really small, that’s got to be useful for finding goodies, right), and it might even happen to be an option for a dark-themed caster for the party. Also, the recruitment quest could involve some kind of misguided hide-and-seek with the hero, unaware of the elemental’s ability (unless you have someone in the party who happens to know, I guess) going on a weird chase to nowhere “because obviously a woman can’t just disappear like that”. And yes, I know there generally aren’t shadow elementals, but “who cares, it could make it more interesting”.

    4. With dryads, rather than go for the standard spirit-of-the-tree portrayal, you could make it so that dryads can be spirits of trees or flowers (special flowers, maybe?). That way, you could make it so rather than move a tree, the hero could do a quest to get a dryad recruited, and rather than recruit her get a seed that would make a flower (make it a big flower, like 2 metres in diameter) grow that would house, or however you call it, a new dryad … and yes, that would mean that the other dryad would essentially be giving him one of her daughters. Then you could have a few quests about the hero trying to get the flower to grow somehow (he’s not really a botanist, so he likely wouldn’t know how to grow a magical flower), and after it all he would get a new dryad for himself, one that would for whatever reason be an adult from the get-go (maybe they naturally are, or something; not that it matters, in the end, for as long as there’s no reason to complain). Also, it seems to be almost a necessity to add it so that the hero has to water her (not in a pervy way, people) on every day when it isn’t raining, or her relationship values would drop (I mean, she’s a flower, right, not watering would sort of be like starving her and though someone would water her because Alina is trying to stop it all from falling apart, the dryad would feel abandoned), and obviously giving her any cut flowers (the universal gift, right) would do the same.

    5. And with ghosts, and I am aware how cliché it sounds, I think it would be neat if the/a ghost girl had some possession motif going on during her love/trust quest. And by “possession” I mean a “doesn’t want to leave his side even though it’s troubling him for whatever reason” sort of possession, possibly with some debuffs to go with the package. And said quest could have more than one solution, with the most obvious one (going to a church to exorcise her or seal her in an item or whatever) being a wrong one; the “good” solution could involve stuff like finding her body and getting a necromancer and some divine healing shenanigans to make her body usable and giving her that in return for giving him some rest (though that wouldn’t make it so that she is confined to her body, but rather that she can … sort of use it when she wants, or something).

    I could think of more, assuming you see anything useful in any of those. If you don’t, I’ll just shut up instead (and I’ll understand), so please be honest when saying whether it’s all rubbish or not.

    1. I personally like the mirror idea, you could even use the hand mirror “see” the world around you from the plane of light. It could be used in a similar fashion as the seeker’s stone, only revealing hidden doors, switches, and traps. There can even be a way for her to warn or enlighten you.

  7. No lamia??? Although I am glad a slime girl is being produced, I am slightly sadden there is no lamia. If you ever do reconsider, please make a bad-ass Onee-san similar to Alice from Monster Girl Quest. ^^

  8. Well, i just recently found this game again and now i’m happy i did. About the Monster Girls only one idea i have that hasn’t allready been mentioned: for the sonic elemental you could go the direction of a batgirl (Long ears, supersonic scream, mc deaf for an hour after she Comes) or maybe the pokemon noivern. This is only an idea, an i’m really looking Forward to wat the future brings.

    1. Email me at nomoshing[AT] and give me the email address connected to your paypal account so I can confirm and change my records to better suit your needs.

  9. as far as centaurs go, one could easily live in the stables and replace or supplement the horse you have there. figure id throw that out there if you didnt want to make a centaur party member (and from what i see brownwyn will be the parties archer, so there would be no need for centaur archer # 5602. still like the idea of having a centaur harem girl (monster girls ftw, with the bonus that the mc is the dom instead of the sub this time around)

  10. First of all, I’d love having a centaur girl in the game, as long as the genitals are where they should be (the back). I get that some people might be weirded out by that, but I always thought centaurs with genitals in front looked incredibly creepy. At that point it just becomes less “half horse half human” and more “human awkwardly grafted to a horse”. (It also makes no reproductive sense. How in the heck is a centaur foal supposed to come out of a human-sized vagina?)

    As for the anti-orc, I have kind of a hard time seeing how that’s supposed to work biologically. Unless you just go “it’s magic”, the only explanation I can think of why surrogate sperm would be needed for asexual reproduction is if the creation of a new child requires some protein that the creature cannot generate on its own, and can only acquire by breaking down sperm inside the womb. Although… That does leave an option for some very sexy reproduction. After all, for the pregnancy to succeed you’d have to keep putting in more and more sperm throughout until the parent had all the special proteins it needed to make a child. Like, pregnancy starts at the first intercourse but cannot be completed until the womb has received a total of like a kilogram of sperm or something.

  11. Sorry you are doing badly. Looking forward to the next release! The monster girls sound cool – sorry no spider girl but ah well. Your game so you get to decide what to add! Will be interested in how you draw the angels I expect not Renaissance art style?

  12. as for driders they can be done very sexily, but it helps if the the spider half is of the sleek black widow type and not of the ugly tarantula type, anyway one could easily fufill the role of personal tailor (drider silk is awesome. played a drow who got turned into a drider via a magic potion and i used my silk so damn much. from making web hammocks to sleep in, web ladders for the group, a web harness for myself to us when trying to disarm a trap (i was an arcane trickster) in a spiked reverse gravity room, to using it to make assist other checks on reflex saves for a trap that had a magic circle on the cieling of a room that would smush you if you failed the reflex save, not to mention using it make ropes for light bondage, and sey clothing (it was erp pathfinder and my character was a lawful evil slaver in addition to being an adventurer)

    tl;dr driders are awesome 😛

  13. Cool to hear about the future races of the game. I love your diversity. I love how rich the world is you have made. Glad your health is improving. Here’s hoping that come spring you have a “never felt better” season. 🙂

    If you do decide to have an Angel Servitors, maybe instead of controlling them, maybe have him seduce the servitor the old fashioned way :P. It sort of feels like “having him figure out a way to control” like how he has some of the other girls is kind of like what I call “Batman Syndrome.” (Look up shark repellent Bat-spray if you don’t get what I mean.) Finding or creating random magical maguffins that only serve one purpose is a little eye rolling sometimes. But then it’s a comedy game too, so I guess it could work.

    Quick question though, a lot of what you said makes it sound like you are still figuring out characters for the first HC game. I thought you had those mostly figured out already? Or were you just talking about the total future of the series?

    I only ask because I love how much effort and how deep your world is and would love to create a character or help create a character for it. If not for the first game, somewhere down the line would be so awesome.

    Anyway, as always, keep up the amazing work and I wish you the best.

  14. Hey Moshing, way back on the old website, with the first Monster Girls thread, I proposed an idea for a faux-mimic girl named Mimi-ko. The idea was that she was supposed to be a professional treasure hunter with a serious gold fetish that you find naked while “indulging” herself in a treasure chest. The full idea should still be up on the old site, I think.

    Anyway, I posted that way back when and was wondering what your thoughts on that were, since I posted it pretty late in that threads lifespan and never got a reply.

    1. Oh, and in regard to dryads. How about “Hero and the Magic Beans”?. The hero could come upon a random event similar to “Jack and the Beanstock”, where a gullible little boy sells the families last cow for a sack of beans. Only, the hero takes a little pity on the kid and buys the sack of beans for a small penitence. When they get home, one of the slaves decides to “reward him” for his uncharacteristic charity with some outside hanky-panky, getting the bag messy in the process. He decides to just toss it to the side and ends the day.

      Given some time, the beans sprout and eventually grow in to a little girl with leaf like clothes. After some confusion and consultation with his more educated slaves, he realizes she is a Dryad. She thanks him for planting her and “feeding” her and asks if she could have some more. After a few seconds of gear turning, he figures out what she is implying and has a Big Nope moment. She pleads and he just keeps yelling “Nonononopeuhuh NO”, and so on. This would basically be another instance of your “no pedo” policy being played for laughs.

      From then on, he would actively avoid her. If the player moves in her direction, he relapses and moves back automatically. Given more time, she eventually matures into a full dryad with a full grown tree and can be made into a full fledged slave.

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