No Moshing and the Case of the Cursed Release

Okay, so I am still wading through a veritable deluge of bug reports on the current release. The code for the new mechanic being introduced is being a beast. Nekochan and I are working on getting our very first house, which is a pretty involved process once an offer has been put down, and on top of that the current owner of the place we bought try to screw us twice (once by lying about when work was done on the house, once by delaying paperwork so that the offer would hit it’s deadline before Nekochan could sign). On top of that, I’m also shivering my way through a fever again. I’m seriously getting tired of being sick every couple months, got to get that checked out.

The upshot of all this is that Harem Collector’s public release will be delayed until March 13th while NoMoshing figures out his first-world problems. I’m sure everyone would prefer a (relatively) bug-free release than me rushing something out for today. Seriously, I have stacks and stacks of bugs to stomp before I can finish the new content I’ve already delayed (hint: it rhymes with Officer’s Loan). When it does release, I’ll do an extra post this week with the comprehensive list of changes.

I hope it’ll be worth the wait, and I thank you for your patience.

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  1. Hey, you shouldn’t worry too much about the dates. If the Real Life it’s giving so much trouble, I’m sure that most of your fans?, online acquaintances?, whatever you called us will understand and respect your decision. Also, if you feel any kind of obligation (and I don’t really think that you should) it should be directed to your Backer’s release.

    In any case, you must take care of yourself. Nobody it’s going to do it better that you (of your spouse of course) because nobody is as interested in that as you 😉

    Good luck and try to take a bit easy. You sound a bit too rushed.

    Greetings lostone2

    1. So true. No worries we can wait alittle while longer.
      What big game companies should do actually. I’d rather wait a few more months than have more bugs in my game than a roach motel.

  2. You don’t have to worry about us, we can wait as long as needed. Your health should be your top priority, so take care of yourself first. It’s my first time posting here so i’ll just say that i really enjoyed your game so far. It is fun to play, i enjoy some of the mystery and the plot so far (mainly because of the invasion), i’m curious about why it happened and what the “church” has in store for us. Also, i want to see how our hero evolves along his quest for the 151 girls. Thanks for the awesome game and good luck with your Real Life. The Internet Life can wait. Cheers

    1. I appreciate that sentiment, but this is my only source of income- in a very real way this is part of my real life”. Still, thank you for your patience, and I’m happy to hear you have been enjoying the game!

  3. Hey, I don’t know where to report bugs, so I found this to be the closest option. I’m currently stuck because the freakin’ clown in Bronwyn’s recruitment quest isn’t showing up. The slavers and elves show, but no clown. Unfortunately, that means that I am literally locked in place as I can’t find or fight him any more, and the game won’t let me leave the area until I’ve killed him. I’m playing the most recent release, and I don’t wanna have to restart, because I’m actually pretty far in. Also, is there any possible way you can nerf those damn rats in the beginning? If I fight two of those and a dog, I need a full party to keep from getting absolutely destroyed, which seems rather ridiculous, considering that at the time I was a guy in chainmail, a proving helm, and a cloak of resistance, with encouragement, and a big-ass, if rusty, sword.

    1. For future reference feel free to report bugs either on the forums ( or on the wiki (, while you can also report them here you’ll probably see a slower response time.

      In regards to the clown, there are two bugs that can happen with that quest, if your ONLY issue is the clown then you probably have the one that’s easier to deal with, see if you head into the tent with the elves before dealing with the clown then he’ll teleport to the beginning of the map and due to how the clown is only ever a single event, you can still go there and fight him as normal, and he’ll try to move around as if he was where he’s supposed to be, but it happens, just go there and fight him and you’ll be on track.

      The other bug only happens if you did the first half of ‘Night of the Raping dead’ immediately before doing this quest, until recently the temp switches that were used to figure out if the player had dealt with all the various zombies didn’t get reset after the first half of the quest, so if you went and did Bronwyn’s quest afterwards all but the first two groups of slavers as well as the clown wouldn’t show up, though this problem should be dealt with in the next release.

      I hope that all helps!

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