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Sorry, but I’m really busy with new-house-stuff this week, and I wasn’t able to really sit down and work on stuff. Work continues, nonetheless- I tried a new build of the game using altered stat values, but that didn’t work out. I have yet to figure out the relative value HP should have to attack power, and RPG Maker really isn’t helpful in this regard- you literally have to keep experimenting until you find what works.

More importantly, the helper elves indentured servants other staff are still hard at work. Pea Sea is working on the new world map tune, Gurotaku is making CGs to go with new “collar immediately” options with Therese and Yeon, and I get to see the battler sprite person’s concept sketches for Glitterfangs and the Kellos soldiers tomorrow. At which time I should probably figure out what she wants to be credited as.

Anyway, that’s all for now!

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    1. In what sense? All current party members will be available in HC2, and non-party harem girls will pop by on occasion. In terms of relationship points, I’ thinking of increasing the ceiling to 200, starting all the old characters at 100, new characters at 0-80, and abandoning the titles for relationship levels entirely.

      1. For some reason i thought there was a limit on the total number of characters you could have. Also any chance of save imports? I image doing the real way would be a huge pain, but like a code at the end of the game depending on how well we did to insert at the start of the second game?

        1. There’s a soft limit- there are only so many characters you can keep track of in an RPG which is why hardly anybody can name more than five characters from Chrono Cross. But I have something in mind for that….
          As for carrying over choices, HC2 will assume 100% completion of the first game, and will occasionally ask questions about binary choices in the game, along the lines of someone going “Oh! I don’t remember, did we sell those nuns into slavery or give them back to the church?”

          1. Question: are there any people like the hero? (collection harems) If so what happens if we collect them? do we get their slaves? What if it was a chick who had male slaves? heck, what if she was trying to collect us? (or even a dude with dude slaves trying to collect us) how dose the law work for slaves of slaves?

  1. Hi. I recently started working on my own game an I was wondering. I’ve been looking for a simple quest log script and I have to ask if I might use the one you use in Harem Collector? This will possibly turn into a commercial game ( though at the rate I’m going it won’t be done till at least 2017) and I am more than willing to offer credit to you ( as NoMoshing, badkittygames, or anything else just let me know.). If you agree it would be great, if not then it’s no problem as I’ll just keep looking. Thank you for your time.

    1. The guy who donated the quest log script told me that I’m free to distribute it to other devs for non-commercial purposes, so you’re kind of out of luck there, sorry. Good luck with your project, though!

  2. I’d like to see some kind of reaction to the wish you get from the Genie for greater skill and stamina. Possibly surprise and eagerness from the girls, the chance to seduce girls you couldn’t before, etc.

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