Harem Collector October 2015 Public Release!

Same Harem Place, Same Harem Time!

October Changes

NOTE: Bronwyn’s face has been removed due to avoid a potential copyright issue, and couldn’t be replaced in time. Please tolerate this for now- I am very aware that a huge amount of Bronwyn’s appeal has to do with her face set, I just need to head off any potential problems and will replace it as soon as possible.

ALSO NOTE: I made a last minute decision to extend the quest “Cannibal Corps” (as detailed on the blog) because I thought the end of the quest was kind of limp and deserved more player involvement. Please don’t think of this as a half-finished quest, simply a quest that was finished that I decided to add more content to later.

ALSO ALSO NOTE: Last week for some reason I didn’t receive any email notifications of new blog comments, which is why all the new posters didn’t get approved until just now. Sorry for any inconvenience, it wasn’t an attempt to censor anyone or control comments, and I’ll be more diligent about comment approval in the future.

-You now need a $65 Season Pass to access Harem Collector Multiplayer.
-There is a new backer sex scene! You can view it with the code “Bwjfnc” or add it to the random scene queue with “Bwjfnc2”
-New music for the Northmarket Wealthy District and Eastfort Military District.
-Abandoned Fort is re-visitable with a handful of daily encounters there.
-A bunch of new banters, added code for Yeon banters
-Trophy Traders are now available in Southport and Westcastle!
-Therese’s weapons no longer gain the Radiant element. She does gain a “Smite” Technique that deals +20% Radiant damage on hit instead.
-Elaiya’s Stealth and Ready, Aim statuses both confer increased chances of a critical hit. And they stack!

67 Replies to “Harem Collector October 2015 Public Release!”

  1. Yay, a release on my birthday, i’m now legally old enough to play, i mean wuuut, i’ve always been old enough to play … (¬ . ¬).
    Also, any plans on switching over to MV or on making your next game in it, or are you planning on sticking with Ace for now?

    1. I’m sticking with Ace. Might switch over to MV, I still have to check it out, but because the coding language changed from Ruby to Javascript there might not be the script support I want. Also looking into Unity or GMS, it’s a question of what is the best choice for the game I want to make, you know?

  2. Curious about that copyright issue thing, since I last played before bronwyn was introduced (skipping a few releases to get a whole bunch of new content in one go). Can you share a little bit more, or is it too soon, too touchy, and so on?

  3. I don’t think you should worry too much about copyright infringement.

    While I’m not much of an expert on IP law, I imagine that the character would have to be very close to the original and have the same name, personalty, habits and so on along with appearance.

    Considering how generic anime characters tend to be, I find it hard to believe that anyone could successfully convict you.

    Besides, if you keep avoiding any appearance, sound or dialogue that “looks similar” to other known characters, songs or stories. You will be playing a very long and endless game of censorship.

      1. the book of hax fixes it…kinda, you as the PC appear under the ladder, the leader of the 3-member party is there above the ladder and you can still walk around, not sure if that`s what`s supposed to happen or what

  4. There’s also a bug in sacrifices to Algernon. Once you complete the quest you can go back to the guild and redeem it for as many times as you please.

  5. I’ve noticed a couple of things…firstly, I can’t “replay scenes” from the menu anymore for whatever reason, which sucks. Secondly, there seems to be a bug which prevents “Bewitchy Woman” from being listed as complete – after completing it on the July version, I went wandering around and accidentally interacted with a background character, which somehow un-listed it from the completed list. This one is a minor one, but the replay scenes one sucks…Please fix it!!

    1. It’s cool, don’t panic- simply find the Replay.rvdata2 file from the old folder and move it to your new one. You can do the same with your old save file (SaveXX.rvdata2) If there’s a Replay.rvdata2 file already packed in the new version, it’s a relic from testing- you’re perfectly fine overwriting it.

  6. Ok after trying to play the game four time It keep crashing my entire PC like randomly freezing the pc as a whole. and by random as in I not know what is causing it.

    I do know this i am playing on a Win 10 instead of my old win 7 I might be able to do compability mode but i find it strange that my pc would just Freezes itself on this game alone. and i did check my task manager to see if there was a huge resource draw… there is none and I do not see any thing that would cause an extreme frozen computer. By anychance other window 10 user are experiencing the same thing ?

      1. yeah I just ran it in win 7 combatiability mode and its working right. Found a wall bug in abandon fort right when you gain access to fight the slimes there a section of a wall that you can scale onto and be like ontop the wall top i thought that a new feature for us to be spiderman lol oh and that a neat picture where did you get it ?

        1. In 10’s defense in that case, a lot of old games with FMVs are hard to get working on Win98 and higher. I still can’t get Shivers 2 to run on my Win7 PC.

  7. Yeah my games goes black after the queens agent guy asks to meet him outside for the cannibal corps quest also got that Bewitchy Woman bug and the Cannery Can-Can might of stuffed something up at same point what files are we meant to move over when there is a new version out that could be the prb

  8. So are backer scenes no longer going in scene replay? Because I played through the new one, saved, and its not listed anywhere in replay. There’s a scene listed in the misc. that’s new, but looking in the game files that’s a different scene.

  9. seem like i encounter a bug, after i complete carnibal corp, the screen turn black but the game is still functioning as well i press X the menu appear but the screen remain completely black

          1. I do, does it not break the game seeing as your 3-girl team is still above the ladder or is that just a visual bug?

          2. I think if I understand what’s happening there, it’s just a visual bug, but let me know if you have further problems.

    1. That’s intentional, although it’s kinda sorta a placeholder.
      The “theme” of the demonic magic is that it”s very powerful but always carries a price. I’d rather do something like, say, inflict a DoT status on the caster, but I need to talk to a script programmer who is more leet than I.

  10. In Cannibal Corps, I brought Elaiya, Bronwyn and Kyrie with me. Elaiya became party leader. When I go to the combination lock, I still can’t read it and it says the answer on the walkthrough (gauntlet) is wrong.

        1. Oh. Oh… I can’t check it at the moment, but if answer is what i think it is, then that’s actually brilliant. And when you think about it, it actually makes sense.

          1. Following character that MUST be the party leader in order to be able to read Elvish:
            – Bronwyn (Obviously)
            – Kyrie (Well, at least she can read)
            – Yeon (She said she studied in the school before)

          2. It’s that from Elaiya’s perspective the answer is written in Elvish.
            Basically look at elvish words in the chest puzzle. That should give you basic understanding how the elvish language is constructed. That should give you a hint, how to translate to or from elvish. And then you have to translate your answer to the riddle into elivsh.

  11. Hey i found a huge bug when you have hall monitor student quest apparently the game thinks i have already talk to professor armpit and I apparently defeat yeon which trigger the little cutscene of obtaining yeon at the start of enterinter southport university. All i can do is just play it normally and hope that it didnt bug froze the rest of the quest

  12. Not sure if it’s a glitch or intentional, but the King of the Trolls boss at Cannibal Corps seems to have a ridiculous amount (or more?) of HP. I’ve been doing about 2k damage every round for like 20 minutes now and he’s not going down.

  13. King of the Trolls boss at Cannibal Corps seems to have a ridiculous or unlimited amount of health, I’ve been doing good damage on it for like half an hour now.

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