Devstream this Saturday!

Sorry for the late post. I’ve spent most of my morning getting everything set up for my first-ever livestreamed game dev session this Saturday. All backers/Patrons are invited to participate, and details will be made available to you before the end of the day.

Hopefully everything goes swimmingly! I’m a little nervous, partly because I don’t have a very good “broadcast voice” and party because I’m expecting all the technical problems to happen simultaneously.

Taxes and emails have been taking up all my time this week. I’m clearing out my inbox and various archives in preparation for the new website (which I know I’ve been talking about for forever but is getting pretty close to done). Also getting all my expenses sorted out for tax time.

However, I was able to spend some dev time adding some new stuff to the world map in preparation for the new quests. I also played around with status effects some- Pinned, Webbed, Grabbed, and Rooted have now been collapsed into a single effect, which no longer causes the target to lose an action but does reduce their Evasion to 0 as well as some other stuff. Bronwyn will be slightly less broken useful, but I think overall the change is a positive one.

Incidentally, I’ve been so busy this past week that I haven’t been able to plan anything for April Fool’s Day. Seriously. Of well.

That’s all for now! I hope you all have a very good week and maybe I’ll see some of you on Saturday!

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  1. I am sad browyn has lost her stun lock capability, and since she usually did less damage than elaiya or yama, she prolly wont see much use from me outside of testing

  2. agreed her pin was one of the only reasons i brought her its only one enemy so i didnt think she was that broken, but i will have to play with the new stats to see if it makes as big of difference as i think it will

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