Backer Devstream and Iron Waifu!

So if you’re a Backer, the Backer Devstream is this Sunday! The secret private devstream link is on the Patreon page, the special backer’s subforum on the BKG site, and if you’re an old-timey Paypal backer, you’ll be finding it in your inbox. Eventually. Dreamhost only lets me send 100 emails per hour as an anti-spam measure, and there’s nearly 400 of you guys, so it’ll take awhile.

Also, even if you’re not a backer please take the time to check out the Bad Kitty Games forum this month as we’re doing something of a character popularity contest. I know that I do a lot of character polls whenever I can’t think of a more interesting things to poll about, but this month it’s serious- a single-elimination tournament featuring almost all of the female characters in the game to determine who will crowned the IRON WAIFU. Whichever character wins will receive a special themed update later this summer, with featured quests, redesigns, extra sex scenes, and a whole lot more being possible.

Anyway, as always thanks for your attention and May the Fourth be with you!

6 Replies to “Backer Devstream and Iron Waifu!”

  1. Is there an official poll post thing? Or do we just vote here? Because my vote goes to Doll, even though I would love some more scenes with Randi. If you have Yammamaya, Meline, and Doll in your party, the first scene where you meet Randi is one of my absolute favorites. 🙂

    Ooh, or something with Therese and Alina, after finding out they were related… You know you have to. XD

    Poop. I also have a huge thing (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink) for Penelope too… But I’d still give it to Doll (Nudge… Oh, I already did this…). XD

  2. Hmm… Do you have a more specific link to the polls, because I’ve been all over badkittygames and I can’t see anything even close to looking like a poll. The most recent post I noticed was for something in 2015.

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