July Schedule

So the July schedule is up on the main page, and due to being busy almost every Saturday the Backer devstream is instead going to be on a Sunday again, July the 10th. Sorry for any inconvenience! If it’s any consolation, I’m only drinking heavily two out of the four Saturdays. That’s probably not a consolation, actually… shit.

Anyway, moving on, the public Devstream will be on July 30th, starting at 3 and going until 6. The reason why the extra hour is because by popular(?) request I will be playing Higurashi When They Cry Ch. 1 for an hour before the devstream proper. Feel free to give it a pass and show up at 4 for the usual devstream antics- I honestly don’t really know why people want me to stream games but whatever.

There will be a game update as well, of course, with a good mix of mechnical updates, dialogue and new quests.

So yeah, that’s it! Thanks for playing!

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