The Search is on!

Oh man it’s been busy lately….

Nekochan and I were at BBQs all last weekend, and I was pretty hung over on Sunday. Nothing like a national holiday for poisoning yourself, setting fire to things, and playing with explosives! Still, got to see some old friends, and I earned four badges on Untappd.

There is, of course, doing “payroll” and paying bills and whatnot. Thanks for your support, Patrons! I guess I must be growing up, because I get a strange sense of satisfaction from being responsible with payroll and taking care of bills. It’s like, “Alright, successfully adulted for another month!”

I’m also thinking about rejiggering the Patreon tiers again. The lower tiers (ie, all but three of the Patrons) won’t change at all, but since nobody’s interested in the higher tiers it’s time for a change. The major draws (Nekochan’s artwork, free merch) aren’t working out, but I have no idea what else could work for a monthly reward. Custom sex scenes and the like are fine, but I can’t be repeating them every month. If anybody wants to share ideas that other successful Patreon campaigns use, or even if you have your own ideas, please feel free to share. Of course, all promised patron rewards will be honoured up until the change.

I’ve also started actively searching for hentai artists to contribute to the game. If you know anyone who does hentai art by commission (or you do hentai art yourself) please let me know! Hopefully soon we’ll be able to get the HCGs back on track!

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  1. i have always thought a custom npc named or let them name a npc after a patron is good reward i saw it in a kickstarter game called chorma squad

  2. sorry to ask this but i’ve gotten myself stuck with no other save in sight. i went into the elven village at too low a level and cannot fight my way out of the subsequent quest. is there some sort of editor i can use to temp buff my char to beat it until i’m free?

  3. Idea: Cameos.
    As in, low backers get to be on a list somewhere, slightly higher backers get a house in the slums for them all to squad in, even higher backers are seen as customers in some banks, and the highest backers get to be found in the palace or some other phase of their choosing.

    1. personally i like this idea, if the engine supports it maybe have some of the emptier looking locations(bars, taverns, shops) randomly generate around 1-10 cameos as fillers? they probably wouldn’t get any plot relevance but it gives a potentially interesting reward for higher tiers… hopefully there’s some way of Copypasting AI walk paths if he does do this.

  4. I think I have an idea for the patreon tiers. Take it with a grain of salt though as I am not one of your patrons and not going to change that, at least until I finish university and actually have my own money.

    Actually I’m not surprised that nobody is buying the artwork because honestly: what I’ve seen on the blog (such as the Halloween Pinup) wasn’t that great (not to say that it’s bad, but if I just want a picture of a beautiful woman theres tons of better stuff out on the net), and besides, imagine having a girlfriend / wife / mother etc. asking about the character on your wall or desktop background and answering “Yeah, she’s from a game where you play as a psychopath raping and enslaving women and then stockholming them into loving you. it’s pretty funny.”

    The question you need to ask is, why do people play HC?
    In my opinion there are three reasons: for entertainment, for the story and for fap material. Since both the entertainment and the story progress slowly already, limiting parts of them to patrons (such as DLCs or extra questlines) would propably make you lose people rather than gain patrons, which leaves the fap material.

    As you propably know, the “art” in HC is average at best with the H-scenes having terrible graphics (as in most amateur-made H-games). Now if you actually get some nice Pictures, what I’d do is this:
    -add two versions of each picture into the game, the horrible Custom girl ones and the nice looking ones
    – add a code that switches between them
    -give this code to the patrons and change it with each release to avoid leaks.
    -Perhaps make the nicer art freely avaible on the final release (or a month later as some kind of “gold edition”)

    Other than that it might also be possible to add some minor characters (like the maid in Harem or the sphinx in LoQO, characters that only appear, get fucked and kind of hang around) or better equipment that can be unlocked with some kind of code, nothing to big though as slowing down your updates even more would most likely make people lose interest.

    Well, reading through the wall of text i just wrote i notice that i phrased some things in a weird way, sorry for that (english isn’t my first language and all those lame excuses).

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