Welcome to 2017!

Happy new year everyone! I hope you all had a great holiday!

I suppose I should do the traditional thing and go over my plans for the year, right?

For development on the game, finding new hentai artists and bringing you more awesome CGs is top priority. We’re also going to make a big push to go back to the “one quest per month” schedule, so that every update has two strong pieces of content for player to explore. We’ve also already set up a better method of sorting out and fixing bugs which is much more efficient than the previous process, so expect to have a more stable experience playing HC in 2017.

We are also currently in the process of adding some fun new features. The Satisfaction menu is getting a revamp (there’s a forum thread if you want to give us your two cents on the matter), the achievements menu is finally getting a fix, and we’re adding a character/magical item/enemy encyclopedia so you can keep track of various bits of lore and useful info during your playthrough.

As for community events, there are a few things coming up there as well.

First of all, we have a fanart contest going on right now! Please consider entering if you’re a fan of Harem Collector and have any talent at drawing.

We also want to do something for the first release anniversary this February, but I’m not sure what we’re going to do yet, so please stay tuned.

Then, this May the Iron Waifu tournament is coming back! We had a lot of fun running this last year, and in 2017 is going to make a return. Vote for your favourite character, and the best girl will receive a dedicated update in September 2017!

I hope all that excites your interest (heh) and Bad Kitty Games to continue to receive your support and interest for another year!

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  1. Hey,
    I’m not sure were I should post it so if it’s wrong sorry.
    After I played the quest can’t handle the cove I got some ideas what you could do with the Coastburg.
    Only if you had the “good ending”, were our hero has a one vs one battle with the paladin.
    After one or two days our hero gets a letter from the paladin to meet him in the Inn in Coastburg. At the Inn the paladin tells our hero that they purified everything and that it is now safe to life in this city, but the church doesn’t have the finances the rebuild the city. The church wants to ask you to finance the city and be the mayor of the city. At this point our hero has three options, first decline. The paladin says that he now you wouldn’t help and it ends, the city stays as it is. The second option in to accept and the pay 100,000 to rebuild the city and the third option in that our hero offers to pay 150,000 so they can repair the church in Coastburg. But there are conditions, first all accusations against me are settled second I get 20% from the offerings and I don’t need to pay for blessings in churches. At this point the paladin in perplexed because he never thought the hero would make such an offer and tells the hero that he has to first talk with the bishop about it. After one or two days, the hero has to sleep in his manor in Northmarket, the paladin and the bishop visit our hero, this visit gives our hero +5 fame because our hero knows the bishop. The bishop says that he is pleased that the hero wants to help the church but his conditions are too high. The bishop makes him a counteroffer, first all accusations are settled, second the hero gets only 5% from the offerings and he has to pay for his blessings in churches but for that the hero gets his personal nun in his small manor chapel which gives him blessings for free and he doesn’t have to pay taxes to the church. But for that he hast to be the churches personal adventurer, because they lost a lot of paladins, and he also gets payed for the quests but the guild in not involved. Here the hero has again two options first decline than the bishop goes and it stays as if you made option two were you just pay for the city. Or you accept this offer and you get the nun. The nun is a friend of Therese and if you at this point already completed Therese’s love quest the nun starts with trust if not then with dislike. The nun tells you, if she trusts you, that she was digging for some dirty information about the church but she was caught that is why she was sold to him, maybe the love quest could go in this direction. Now starts the fun part. As the mayor of this city you want to have a lot of tax payers and the only way to get more people in to the city is to make some use of our connections. Get the lumberjacks to build a bridge to connect the two forests together and a harbor. With the bridge to can offer the werewolves to hunt in the forest close to Coastburg but they have to sell the fur in coastburg, so tailors open their shops in your city. With the harbor you can talk with the captain from the quest it came from below the equator if they would use your harbor to supply the army in Eastfort. All the shops have also the joint venture options so you can get more money out of it. One or two small quest for the elves, after that they sell their products in Coastburg. And if you Nicholas starts to trust you maybe you can get a tax cut for a mayor of a city.
    What do you think of my Coastburg ideas?
    Hope I could give you some inspiration.
    And maybe you could make it that the gold bars and the lead bars would go directly to Alina. I miss a lot of lead bars and sometimes gold bars because I don’t go every day to manor in Northmarket. It would be better if Alina would save them and the next time you talk to her she gives you the bars.

    1. We do have some plans for rebuilding Coastburg (which is one reason why the zombies disappear from Coastburg following Can’t Handle It Cove), it’s just that such a dense series of sidequests is for the future- we’re focused on the main plot and revamping the artwork at the moment.
      I was a little worried that, following the quest, people might just forget all about Coastburg. I’m glad some people are thinking about it!

  2. Are there any plans on making it so you can check a character’s elemental resistances on the status screen/equipment menu? Because that would be a really convenient feature. A way to check status effect resistances would also be neat, but it’s not as important.

    1. I’ll talk to Conash. Space in the interface is a bit of an issue, but we could always include a “page” feature to toggle between them. Either way, it’s some we’ll keep in mind for the engine of the sequel.

    2. Hey Flutterby, thanks for your comment, I hadn’t put in resistances before because I had been a bit confused about some of the plans we had for future stuff, but conversation brought on by your comment cleared that up. Expect quite an update to the status and equipment menus next release!

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