Version 0.27 Goals

Hello, everyone! It’s a fresh month, on a fresh dev cycle, and that means I get to jabber at you about all the things I want to get done for the March release!

Conash, as usual, is keeping me on point with regard to bugs and that sort of thing. He’s also working on adding a proper Achievements screen to the in-game menu, so you can keep track of what you’ve earned and what achievements you’ve made progress towards. There are some other things in the cooker for the next release, but that’s the one he’s focusing on right at this moment.

At the moment, Gusbus is hard at work on face sets. We’re revising the current Diadira face set to be in the “bust” style like the other ones. She’s also almost done redoing Nerys’ faceset in the same style. Once that’s all done, she’s going to do the HCG for Nerys’ first scene, and if she can squeeze it in before the end of March, Nerys’ island vacation scene.

Speaking of which, I’m focusing on getting done the island vacation! By buying tickets for yourself and your harem, you can get whisked away for a magical, four day vacation on sunny Sandybeach Island. There, you will be able to have tropical vacation-themed sex with your harem girls, go on tours of the islands three repeatable dungeons, and participate in a few special events, including a seashell hunt, a night drinking on the beach with the guys, and a fireworks display you can share with that special someone. Of course, you will keep earning money from your investments while away, so it’s entirely possible you could make money from this little island interlude. I think it’s a pretty exciting little side event, and I’m looking forward to letting you all have a look!

As usual, Peasea is hard at work on new music tracks for the game. The way he works is that he nibbles away at a handful of projects at a time, which is why we don’t update the music often, but when we do it’s 2-3 tracks at a time. Hopefully he’ll have something ready for next month!

Our commission of the month will be for a new set of status effect icons, to better help you discern what statuses are in play. Then, now that the interface is a little more communicative, I’ll look into knocking out the sprite for the Southport maid, so that way adding the last player house can happen for May.

At least, that’s the plan, and life likes nothing more than to disrupt my carefully-laid plans. After pulling off the two quest release for January, though, I’m feeling pretty confident. That’s all for now!

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  1. i already found a problem with this one after i cut and paste my save file in to this version when i try to load the game file it says unable to find file graphics/character/$ralph

      1. I found a problem with Therese love quest. After i beaten it i felt like exploring the place more and i got locked in the 3rd/4th floor and the main problem is that i didn’t save for awhile and i saved in the 4th floor after i got locked since i didn’t know i was locked in

  2. So, bit off topic but I just finished Diadira’s quest, and Rescue Me is so awesome. Like, I’ve fallen in love with this song to an almost embarrassing degree… ^_^;;

    Also, just checked out all the different girls’ Fate Ender cutscenes. It was kinda neatly put together, and a lot of them were pretty interesting character moments. Of course, I went with Meline’s in the end, because Meline is best waifu. I mean, come on, when someone helps you fuck an angel, you know it’s true love.

      1. No, I’m not a backer. I mean, I’d love to help support the game, but unfortunately I suffer from a severe case of no-money-itis, so the best I can do is chime in with occasional suggestions and bug reports. Fortunately for my music playlist, there’s a perfectly serviceable .ogg file of the song in the game files. ^_^;

  3. I keep making jabbing jokes at Conash about the Candy shop but I guess I can ask you when do we acquire the candy shop invest from the mystical mythical non existent HQ in westcastle…

  4. Hey, My first time commenting here just introducing myself and saying what i been up to on HC. Also just want to say i am loving this game its quite fun to play i am somewhat lost at the moment I finished Rescue Me which was amazing but haven’t found the other quest. I been playing for quite awhile not from the beginning but at least a year. one funny note is one time i was playing a new game and accidentally saved over my main that was funny to me. Also V0.27 sounds awesome cant wait

    1. By the “other quest” I assume you mean the other quest in the update? Go visit Earl Nicholas in order to get it started. I’m glad to heard you’ve been enjoying the game! Thanks for playing!

      1. Sorry i finished the quest i didn’t relies i had to go to the blacksmith to get the event started for the new weapon, I thought that was a different quest.
        Also i am missing Diadira she just disappeared after i finished Elaiya love quest that is not a big deal but i enjoyed using her.
        Anyhow Thanks for your quick reply, I can not wait for the next update.

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