Operation: Antagowaifu

We’ve had a small change of plans for the next update.

As some of you may recall, last year we held the First Annual Iron Waifu Grand Tournament, a popularity contest where, each day, two of the female characters from Harem Collector face off against one another. Last year’s winner was everyone’s favourite paladin, Therese Agart, but this year sees new contestants in the form of pop star party member Diadira, priestess-turned-servant Nerys, and naive noblewoman Doralice, all of whom have their own fans.

So we’re cutting some of the less popular characters, and making way for new characters for this year. And as part of that, Gusbus and Nekochan hjave embarked on a little something called Operation: Antagowaifu.

Getting priority for the next release are new character designs and face sets for Evanie the Sword-Saint, Fiona the Gravedigger, Queen Regal, and Countess Silvayuco. You may recall Evanie as the theatrical commander of the Kellos scout force from “Ain’t No Party Like a Search Party”, Fiona as the commander of the Kellos fortress from “It’s Pronounced ‘Sabotage'”, Queen Regal as the conniving and manipulative power behind the scenes of the Middle Kingdom, who blackmails you at the end of “Research Materials”, and Countess Silvayuco as the self-important blackmail victim from “Get Dumped”.

So, if you’re the kind of person who wants to take a military commander or noblewoman down a peg, or the kind of person who likes to imagine having your balls stepped on by the same, you’ll have a couple more options for the new Iron Waifu, this May. And even if you don’t, hey, more new character designs for stand-in characters aren’t a bad thing.

The downside to this is that Nerys definitely won’t have an island vacation sex scene ready by March, and even the HCG for “In the Village, the Peaceful Village” might be delayed, but GusBus has pledged to stay on top of her game and do her best to get everything done by the update.

Oh, and on a side note: BACKERS! Please do not forget that this Sunday is the February Backer Devstream! Starting at 3PM EST I’ll be playing some more Before the Echo, and then starting at 4pm EST we’ll be doing dungeon design for the optional dungeons you’ll have access to during the beach vacation. If you have time, please stop by, we’d love to have you around!

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