Harem Collector v0.27.3 Public Release!

Hello, everyone! After some struggle, Harem Collector v0.27.3 is now unleashed upon the world!

Journey to far-off Sunnyshore Island, where you will be able to explore three new dungeons, uncover new equipment and items, and (most importantly) unlock sixteen new sex scenes with your lovely harem girls!
Expect the vacation to be updated with additional content in the future, as you can get away from it all and enjoy a holiday whenever you wish!* Please visit the travel agent in Southport for more details.

We’re also trying out the Yanfly Battle Engine mod for RPG Maker VX Ace games, so please tell us what you think of the new battle interface as we’re not 100% sold on using it or not. You might recognize it as the same battle engine that games such as Overwhored use, and we feel it might help keep straight the various buffs and debuffs that end up applied to your party members and enemies. As well, there is the usual bevy of bug fixes and such that come with these updates.

*Additional in-game fees may apply.

18 Replies to “Harem Collector v0.27.3 Public Release!”

  1. I definitely prefer the Yanfly interface for the increased information regarding buffs/debuffs and weaknesses/resistances. My main quibble with it is the smaller item/spell selection pane, but that’s minor.

  2. The listed version and link for the download both still state that 26.8 is the current version. Is the version listed there the new one under the old name?

  3. Big bug – when I came back from the vacation, Felix disappeared from the manor and reappeared outside the front door as Healbot, relationship score 21.

    Also, it appears that none of the monsters fought in the dungeons on the island give any experience or vendor trash.

      1. Also got the Felix bug… And how do you beat the volcano? The statues and the fire plates by the gate do nothing and I found nothing that fits the description of red snd sweet.

  4. I tried to go on the vacation a second time, but it just fades to a black screen when I finally get off the boat and into the Bridal Suite.

  5. Don’t have the time to simply go and look for myself so, are all these new scenes actually proper scenes yet or are they just words still waiting for art to be finished like others have been?

    1. They’re art + text scenes, using the last of the Gurotaku images that have been sitting in the vault for awhile. Because of that, the scenes are only available on older characters. They’re shorter scenes though, about on par with the sex on demand and dungeon scenes.

  6. Is there a way to update my game without losing all my H-Scenes? Transferring my save files over left me with only the first two Alina scenes for some reason.

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