Party Time

The focus of the last few weeks of development has been on the upgrade from a mere Journeyman to a Banneret- the highest rank in the Adventurer’s Guild without becoming a part of the Guild’s bureaucratic and leadership structure. Banneret, if you’re not familiar with the term, refers to a knight who earned his knighthood as a field promotion, and while in the world of Harem Collector it’s not an actual knighthood, the Hero does get a literal banner to decorate his house with. We probably won’t have the art finished for the mini-release, but soon there will be proper heraldry for the Adventurer’s Guild, instead of that samey red banner that comes with the default tileset.

Of course, by the time you have enough Fame to reach that lofty rank, you’ll probably have almost every harem girl in the game. That makes for a pretty crowded party! One of the hardest things about planning the Banneret party is just how busy it is. Twenty-five guests, plus the guild staff and Shally crammed into that little room. More than once I’ve placed a new sprite only to block off this character or that. But hey, that’s the kind of game I signed up to make, right?

I also want to try to get the Old Piano into the manor. While in the redesigned manor there will be a proper trophy room/bar for you to decorate, I know a lot of people have been wondering what the Old Piano is for. The plan is for it to be a fixture in the manor possibly with some kind of reward for practicing every day.

With regard to artists, we’ve got Kumiho currently tasked with a new set of status effect icons for the battle interface. We’re going to do our best to reduce ambiguity between the different status effects, plus getting new icons for a lot of status effects that would be been invisible before we made the battle interface change. Also, we might have gotten a replacement artist already. I don’t want to say much until some of the new art is in the game, but I’m remaining optimistic.

Anyway, that’s it for me this week. See ya next week for the mini-release!

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