Furniture system ramble

Conash here, I thought this week would be a good time to talk about the furniture system I’m working on because oh boy, this is going to be a big one. Originally when I came on staff about…. Roughly this time last year actually, when me and NoMoshing were discussing the various projects that I’d be working on this was the one that I knew was basically going to be the last big scripting thing out of everything he mentioned… Well technically second to last since we’re looking at redoing the affection system for the next update but that requires that we get this furniture system done first but details!

Anyways, the reason this sort of system is going to be a rather big project is that unlike most everything else I have to more or less design the entire process from scratch. See while I can piggy-back off of a lot of the existing code when it comes to say making new windows or changing up how abilities or elements work RPG Maker doesn’t exactly come with a home decoration system, and I didn’t come across any custom scripts for this sort of thing in the time that I went looking, and while I’ve heard there are some out there I’ve already figured out how to get everything working that fits into the game well enough that I’d rather not worry about trying to integrate a different system into the game. Still, there’s a reason several RPG Maker games will go with some kind of linear ‘house upgrade’ system or signs where you can add specific customization, the RPG Maker system lends itself easily to more simple event based changes like that, I however am a bit of a perfectionist and refuse to use something that won’t give you guys a more hands on approach to decorating your houses or would just ugly it up with a bunch of random signs.

My plan, while probably not the most original out there, is to give you guys the ability to essentially choose a room and a piece of furniture (that’s allowed to go there, we might not allow some pieces in certain rooms) and then be able to freely move it about the room with some green/red transparent squares over them during movement so that you can see where you can or can’t place something. Once you’ve placed it wherever every time you visit the map it’ll be there…. Man saying it out, this sounds incredibly basic from a player level but let me tell you, I’ve got a lot of work still in front of me to get this to all work right. So far I haven’t run into any issues but I’m sure I’ll find one or two ways to crash the game before I’m done! Haha…..

Anyways yeah, that’s about it for the furniture system, hope I didn’t bore you all to death with that!

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  1. Cool thoughts bro, just like in vg-whatever site ,there was a game that a hero that collects girls(non- hentai) and in the game which you can purchased houses and building furniture which you can arrange or decorate it. Pretty much unique but i wish to suggest that they add a little more you know feature in using the furniture?
    (like you can select girls who can join you in a bath tub. just saying)..well i am expecting more on your updates and thanks for the games and bug fix.

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