Harem Collector v0.31.8 Change Notes

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New in this version:

-New quest! Make sure you’ve finished up all quests that deal with Eastfort then walk on over to see the next Kellos Invasion quest!
-Redone artwork for Alina’s pretty much everything, ‘Claiming your property’, ‘Salty Dessert’, Vacation, and ‘Sex a la Carte’ sex menu scenes all are updated with brand-new art!
-New happiness and furniture systems!
-New sprites and faces for the Hero!

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  1. I’m really lost on how to get furniture, I’ve found that I can buy the bear rug from the hunters village but i haven’t found anywhere else yet. Is there an Ikea somewhere or do you get furniture in chests/monster drops?

  2. So, I can’t seem to find/start the new quest. Wandered all over Eastfort, and talked to everyone, with no luck. Every other quest is already completed, so I have no means of ending the day, if that’s where the issue lies.

    Also, regarding the mercenary company that you can invest in, does their camp actually exist yet?

    1. In order to get the new quest, you have to have all the prerequisites completed and then enter Eastfort from the main map.
      The mercenary company does have a small camp that appears once you’ve invested into them.

      1. thanks! got it working. Also just an opinion, but I prefer the old sprite for the hero in the text box. The new one (while done in a very nice art style) just seems…. too serious honestly? if that makes sense? the old one was kinda cartoony but it kinda fit the feel of the game! That’s just my personal opinion though, just thought I’d share it *shrugs*

    1. The new quest has many requirements to it, but assuming you’ve met them all you’re going to need to pass the day then head over to Eastfort to start things off!

    1. i managed to get them above one heart but they started to lose affection a few game days ago. i believe its maybe related to the dragon head furniture because i put it on a wall around the same time… will look into it

    1. Several people have reported having this issue, so it doesn’t seem to be you. Currently I don’t know what’s causing the problem but it is a matter I’m looking into. So far, this issue seems to be tied to the dungeon as people have only reported it happening to Therese and Larelle (though not Yeon). I’ll let you know when I have more information.

      1. I have the same issue with Yeon as well, in the same pattern. Her affection once out of the dungeon will inch up for a few days, then start falling until its back at one heart. I’ve kept them at “Happy” status and even have Therese at “Very Happy” but it doesn’t seem to have any effect.

        1. Really now? That’s a lot more information than I had been getting before, thanks for letting me know as I think I know what the problem is…. Will have to check a few things to be sure though.

  3. I prefer previous Alina bcus she cuter,just my own opinion though.And is there a way to change her appearance back,i’ve lost my old version of the game so i, yeah u know what i mean.Any help plz

  4. So, I have a few problems.

    1. I’m a little lost on how to save since it wont allow me too

    2. Well randomly walking around, the game will get a script error and crash, making me have to start over and not be able to even get past the first quest.

    3. It may have something to do with how I auto extracted the files out of the thing.

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