Harem Collector v0.32 is live!

Get it here!

It’s been a long time coming, but I think it’s well worth it! Please enjoy!

Changes in this version:
-Two new quests! Send Newts opens when you’ve obtained the Fate Ender, and have completed Cannibal Corps, Get Dumped and Sacrifices for Algernon. The main gameplay for Dude, Where’s My Sword will continue immediately thereafter.
-More sex scene art! A new sex scene featuring Countess Silvayuco plays between Send Newts and Dude, Where’s My Sword, and there is revised art featuring Elaiya (Let’s Make A Deal) and Yamamaya (Mating Season).
-The furniture interface now displays how characters will feel about your placed decorations.
-The way that the sausage lady interacts with the Northmarket dog population has been changed.
-As always, more bug fixes and quality of life changes.

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    1. You got find the rope in one of the buildings, and bring along one of those newts to the building with the rusted door, then the newts will climb with the rope into the building to get you the scrolls.

  1. If your teaming up with the Newts,go to the Rusted Guard tower and move to the wall with the green vines on it,press on it and a Newt will go inside to get the scrolls.

  2. Got new version and started over from beginning using the normal setup. Trying to get Orange to join me. Got Apple awhile back. I have the 100,000 she demands, I have the Philosopher’s Stone but I can’t get her to join me or take my money. I have my mansion from the vampire. Any ideas?

  3. I just picked up this version of the game after not playing for a few years. Therese won’t get out of the dungeon. Her attitude starts calm, goes to defiant, then to hostile. Giving her rock candy slows the progression but does not stop it. Whipping her does nothing. I end up with a little bit of the heart still empty when she hits hostile and nothing I do raises it after that. If I let Therese sit for a few days the heart empties and I cannot do anything to refill it. I am using the timeturner, so maybe that’s the problem? I really like Therese so I’d like a way to finish her story.

  4. Are the Newts supposed to be useless?
    Their attacks do no damage (NULL), their spells can’t be used since they have no mana (at least until level three, I didn’t level them up any further) and they always die from a single hit, even after I equipped them with all the armor in my inventory.
    Getting through the first fight against the kobolds is almost impossible without the book of hax – The newts are dead within the first two turns and if the MC doesn’t use a medium potion every turn he dies.
    It took me 5 tries until I managed to oneshot one of the kobolds on the first turn, and even then I had to use a medium potion every second turn while whittling away at the kobolds health.
    The only way this quest is feasible in my eyes is if you wipeout all enemies prior to entering the newt village and savescum or use hax when leaving it.

  5. It looks like the game cheats you out of some satisfaction. If you have no generic H-scenes left at the end-of-day trigger, it does not recycle old ones, so no bonus for you. I don’t know if this is working like intended.

    Also, the game blatantly lies at the start when it recommends to use normal mode; you don’t get the timeturner and you MUST have the timeturner.

  6. Finaly managed to beat “send newts”. If you kill of all enemies before entering the newt village, run from the kobolds afterwards and have the newts continously use the books of hacks during the necessary fights it’s possible.

    Anyways, I got the next complaint / bug report:
    During “Dude, where’s my sword” when investigating the tin dog tavern, Shally still has the standard dialogue with the MC, even though only Raina and Gargan are in the party. Same with the gambling ring.

    Also, it seems that I’m to stupid to figure out what exactly you’re supposed to investigate there – talking to all the people present, attempting to interact with literally every single field and even getting Gargan drunk on tin dog brew doesn’t seem to advance the quest.

  7. I’m having trouble completing the “it came from below the equator” quest. After defeating the final spider, it just… leaves me there, unable to leave. Am I the only one?

  8. I get stuck in “It came from below the Equator”. Once I defeat Old Cob it just leaves me there, free to roam the ship, but can’t get out, and nothing happens. Help, please.

    1. also, I’m sorry I sent the message twice, I realized after the second one that I had to wait for moderation to pass it through. But at that point, I had already written the second post too

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