6 AM

So Nekochan woke me up on her way out the door, I had the early morning realization that I didn’t do a blog post yesterday, and now I can’t sleep until I take care of it.

Not much new to report this week, actually. Natya is mostly complete save for some dialogue, although I’m struggling a little with her pre-sex recruitment scene. The devstream this Saturday is probably going to be entirely devoted to the changes we’re making to the furniture system. In general, we’re getting things done, although not in a way that’s particularly notable or interesting.

In my personal life, Nekochan and I ended up purchasing Gloomhaven this month, which is basically like… a legacy version of Descent, which features (among other things) a world map that you fill out with stickers, 20ish unlockable character classes, and from my calculations what seems like about 200 hours of gameplay assuming you don’t ever redo old scenarios in order to grind.

I’m really gorwing to love legacy board games. Even though you can only play them so many times, the experience of exploring a new game with all sorts of secrets to discover and new surprises to be had is just amazing. I highly recommend it, provided you can find some irl friends to sit around a table with you for so long. Or just use tabeltop simulator, where I’m sure all this stuff exists.

Anyway, gonna try to get back to sleep, see you all later!

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