Decisions and bugs

Hey everyone, Conash again, wanted to talk about some important bugs/coding stuff that I’ve been working on the past few days. Though I would first like to mention that patreon backers should keep their eyes out since we’re planning to release version 0.33 today!

Next on the table, in regards to last weeks blog post I thank everyone very much for your opinions you shared. Between both the majority opinion and my own agreeing that the praising system would feel more at home with the ‘personal happiness’ it will find itself moved there starting with the 0.33 release. Players will be advised they may need to give a new gift to girls they had praised to get them back up to full gift happiness if they are transferring over their save files. That said, we did get a few suggestions as to ways that we could add further nuance to the praising system, but I’m sorry, with how the code is designed there just wasn’t exactly room to go to really go with either idea… Though I will say that I did make sure to lay a bit of ground-work to add further complexities to the system for when more praising events get added, nothing out of left-field just keeping in line with what the game has already promised (because trust me, without the new additions thanks to the happiness system we WOULD have had to flat out cut out some of the elements mentioned in the praising tutorial)!

Anyways, onto the main reason that I wanted to post two blog posts in a row, thanks to dedication from our tester GameAdam some very critical bugs in the furniture system were made apparent to me. Some of you may have noticed some difficulties getting girls to ‘love’ furniture, this was actually an issue that many people reported that I had put down to them not understanding it, but it turns out that there was actually a bug that made it so that most of the ‘love’ locations would flat out ignore those girls. You could still get them to ‘like’ items if they were set to like those, but that was due to another bug entirely that didn’t properly check if a girl loves/liked a location when determining if they liked/hated an item where it was, this was especially humorous in that it lead Penelope to hating several items placed in the Eastfort Condo. Both of these bugs have been fixed and many of the items that were already in the game have also gotten a once over and had their ‘love’ lists expanded quite a bit. With all of these changes, along with a new girl (and maybe even the ground-work for a few other future girls) in the mix, players will be advised to remove and put back all their furniture if they wish to get the best happiness values out of them, this however is only a suggestion and not actually a requirement and failure to do so will NOT resort in problems with the game.

See, given that I already knew we were going to add in more future girls into the game when I made this system, and how it was precisely designed, I made sure that when you placed furniture down it would store a copy of whatever effects it did (even to girls whom you hadn’t acquired yet), and removing the items will apply the inverse effect ONLY to whatever is stored there rather than figuring out what it ‘should’ do from scratch. A fair amount of aspects of the furniture system were designed with a similar philosophy as to prevent accidentally getting a permanent -2 happiness on a character just because of a coding oversight. It also comes with the added benefit of preventing exploits that would gain you permanent +2 happiness as well, but enough of me continuing to grow the list of betrayals I’ve committed against my fellow min-maxers. Point is, in the 0.33 release there will be a lot of fixes and changes to the furniture system so it would be a good idea to pick everything back up and put it back down, but if you’re happy with the current bonuses you’re receiving you can keep things how they are.

I am also working on adding a bit of an expansion to the furniture system so that new items that you buy from stores (like the Bearskin rug or the Light and Mercy Banner) will be bit more…. Interesting, but right now that whole thing needs a lot of bug testing before I’m ready to promise it’s inclusion.

That should be just about everything. Sorry for all the rambling about more boring code stuff, but I hope some of you found it interesting!

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