General Art-Type Update

So with the passing of September, another harem girl’s solo scenes will be finished. Orange Kid, lovely curls and all, has been thoroughly defiled for your pleasure and can safely be put away until we need her for a threesome or something.

As for what’s on now? We’re getting the first sex scene for the new character of Pandora, the bright-coloured clockwork robot maid who will be taking care of your Southport digs for you.

Like Natya before her, we’re just doing a single scene to get her introduced, and will be giving her the full harem girl treatment at a later time. Possibly soon after Therese, if she happens to win next year’s Iron Waifu. I mean, stranger things have happened, and I think she has the personality and cute design to help her go the distance.

As for what’s next, Larelle will be the focus of our art development for the next four months, so I hope you like tsundere albinos in gothic lolita dresses. As for keep track on what we’re doing with regard to hentai scenes, we have a relevant thread on the Bad Kitty Games forums! (Warning, spoilers)

We’re also pushing out some progress on the sprite art front. Finally we’re addressing some of the stand-in character sprites and getting some beachwear versions of various characters so the vacation content is a tiny bit more robust.

So, look forward to the next public update! New sprites, a new harem girl, all sorta of exciting stuff are coming your way!

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