No Tumbles

So, Tumblr banning porn is a thing.

If you’ve following my rantings- which, by the way, you shouldn’t, I’m barely an expert on the things I directly control nevermind anything actually important- you’d know that I generally feel that freedom of speech isn’t freedom of platform, and that Tumblr, Twitter, Patreon, and whoever else can do what the fuck they want with their platforms, even if it sucks for me, personally.

But when it comes to Tumblr, I’m actually kind of disappointed in them. Alienating so much of their userbase just to make sure they get included on the app store seems really shortsighted. But then again, that userbase wouldn’t have been there if they didn’t allow porn from the jump, so I guess the lesson here is… don’t allow porn from day one if you don’t want porn, I guess? It’s not like there’s huge crowds of people abandoning YouTube because it’s not PornHub. Or maybe there are? Not an expert, after all.

Either way, if Tumblr is going to burn, we’re going to fiddle in style. Starting on December 16th, I will be uploading the entire gallery of existing and previously used in-game CGs from Harem Collector until they ban me. I suspect it won’t take them long, but you can following it on the official Bad Kitty Games Tumblr Account for as long as that continues to exist.

So long and happy fapping!

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  1. “It’s not like there’s huge crowds of people abandoning YouTube because it’s not PornHub”
    There actually were quite a lot for a while. when youtube tried to censor political and gun-related content, several gunchannels (InRange for example) moved to pornhub for a while. it had enough of an effect for Youtube to reduce their censorship to acceptable levels once more.

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