v0.38 progress

Progress on Harem Collector has been pretty good this month. The next quest is all but finished, with only enemy behaviour and some other small things to deal with before the backer release. I’m working on a side quest currently, one that will fulfill one of the character cameo backer rewards from back when I used to offer those as a Patreon reward. So, if you purchased one of those benefits, back in the day, it hasn’t been forgotten, it’s just taking time.

I haven’t been very happy with my writing lately, for some reason. Those of you watching the weekdays streaming would have noticed how much I struggled with the new sex scene the last couple of days. I can’t really put my finger on why, if I’m just being neurotic or if there’s actually something bad about how I’m writing lately. Hopefully players of Harem Collector will be satisfied- you’re the people whose opinions really matter, after all.

Only two more weeks until the backer release, which is always exciting. I’ll try to cram in as much new content as possible, but right now there’s two new quests, a new sidequest, and some new places to explore. I’m going to try to update the Awiiabu collection sidequest and the Dark Seed sidequest as well, to get new rewards in for those.

Not any huge new insights this week, I guess, just a general update on how the new release is going. All the same, I hope you appreciate this little update, and are looking forward to the update at the end of the month!

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