Checking in on NoMoshing and Nekochan

Hi everyone! Spokeneko Nekochan here helping out with this week’s blog post!

NoMoshing is doing his best to actually take time off this month, which has been met with…mixed results. While the rest of us at BKG are doing our best to keep things trucking along during his break, he’s been sneaking in a bit of work here and there.

I believe it’s already been discussed on Discord, but for those who are unaware, NoMoshing and I have some pretty big news. We planned to look for a new home starting in mid to late June. The current one hasn’t been working for a while and the issues are more apparant since I’ve been working from home during the pandemic. While looking at some listings to put together our “wish list” for the agent, we ended up finding a place we just couldn’t pass on without at least trying to put an offer in. And we got it! So now, with everything else going on, we’re also adding moving by the end of June to the list. (ohgodohgodohgod)

I’m doing my best to make sure NoMoshing is taking time to recharge, but if him or I go silent for a bit, assume it’s moving related. I am taking next week off work (booked before the house thing), so I’m gonna try to be around on the Discord more and maybe do some more streaming on NoMoshing’s Twitch Channel.

Iron Waifu continues to march along and it’s been great to see how each match has played out. Certainly tons of surprises! If you’re not already on our forum to vote, I highly recommend doing so! If I’ve learned anything this year, don’t assume your waifu’s victory is assured!

In addition, I’m pretty close to finishing the redesign work for Eulania and I’ll also try to get that finished during my week off. Kumiho is continuing to help with redesign work as well and looking after the revamp for Diadira. I hope everyone likes them!

I hope everyone is doing well, taking care of yourself and of course, happy fapping.

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