Harem Collector v0.56 CLIMAX is here!

Find it here!

Changes in this version:
-The next part of the end game questline is fully implemented! Speak to Brigandine in any player housing once you have her unlocked
-New party banters have been added
-New sprites have been implemented for several characters, notably Fiona the Gravedigger (in case you were wondering who the blue haired chick who acts like she knows you is)
-The Jonagold and Clementine threesome has been revised with new art

Thank you always for all your support, please enjoy!

Harem Collector v0.54 BRIGANDINE!

Thank you for your patience, but the public version of the latest Harem Collector Update is now available!

As usual, you can find it on the main Harem Collector page!

Changes in v0.54:
-Brigandine is here! In the latest quest (and first endgame quest) it is now possible to recruit everyone’s favourite skill trainer as a harem girl and party member! She comes with an intro sex scene and a full suite of sex menu scenes.
-Florine’s intro scene, Raina’s intro sex scene, Lilac and Violet’s intro threesome have all been updated with new text and artwork.
-The way enemy taunt abilities work has been changed.
-A bunch of new sprites are in.
-More bugs squished

Harem Collector v0.53.1 KRAKEN

Get the new version here

Changes in v0.53:
-New artworks and revised sex scenes for Gargan, Lilac, Violet, Bronwyn, and Penelope
-You can now “free roam” in furniture mode, picking up, moving and placing into your inventory furniture items. It’s also been streamlined and should be less resource intensive.
-Oodles of new sprites
-If a dialogue box pops up for any reason, and you have an alerted enemy chasing you, the enemy will freeze in place until all dialogue boxes are dismissed.
-The outfit changing system has been tightened up a little behind the scenes.
-Fixed over 100 bugs

Harem Collector v0.52 FINALLY is here!

Get it here!

Changes in this version include:
-An end game event now plays when all main questlines are complete.
-Accessories have now been split into two categories, “Accessories” and “Relics”. An additional equip slot has been added- you now have one slot for Accessories and one both Relics and Accessories. Additional information can be found in the book featured in the above image.
-Implemented a ton of new NPC sprites.
-Two new music tracks for Sunnyshore and Lumberhill.
-Cloak accessories have been improved
-A boss has been added to the Cultist daily dungeon enemy list.
-Several new pieces of purchasable equipment are available.
-The CD player will now accept all existing CDs
-The person who teaches Yamamaya skills can now teach Yamamaya skills after being added to the harem.
-Diadira’s skill list has been revamped.
-And probably more!

Android Installation Instructions

For Android devices not running Android 11 or above

1. Install the free app ‘JoiPlay’ from the app store
2. Download the Harem Collector android release
3. Open the app and click on the ‘…’ in the upper right corner of the app
4. Choose ‘import’ and navigate to the Harem Collector android release downloaded in step 2
5. Enjoy!

For phones running Android 11 or above

1. Install the free app ‘JoiPlay’ from the app store
2. Download the Harem Collector android release
3. Use an app such as ‘RAR’ or another RAR extractor to extract the contents of the android release
4. Inside the JoiPlay app, choose ‘import rpa’ and navigate to the folder created in step 3
5. Finally, click ‘add’ and then select the exe file you find inside the folder from step 4
6. Enjoy!

A New Direction

So, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it?

My month off had it’s ups and downs, and it was a nice break. Mental healthcare is always a challenge, but I feel refreshed and more importantly, I decided on a new direction for Bad Kitty Games. But first, some other news.

Neko and I are moving to a larger house, so that Neko will have her office space. This will also keep such things such as the perpetually-backing-up sewer from being a factor in our lives. Whether or not the new place will have it’s own quirks is a question- it’s an even older home, but much better cared for than our current place. We will be moving at the end of the month, and I promise that as soon as we’re set up I’ll show you all around the new office.

So, the first big change- Bad Kitty Games is no longer holding ourselves to update deadline. We all have other things going on, our own challenges, and nobody deserves to have their mental health put at risk. That goes for me and every other member of the team. What we are going to do instead is push a backer update every month. Like the mini-updates, these are meant to be not-necessarily-complete previews of what we’ve done. And, when we feel good about one of these updates to make it a release, it will come out to the public two weeks later, as usual.

If you’re concerned about schedule slip because of this, don’t worry. We will still be working at our usual pace, just no longer rushing or crunching for deadlines. I feel that by this point, we’ve proven that we are in it to win it, and so you can rely on us to keep pushing out new content at a decent pace. If an update takes two months, like we’ve been doing, great! If it takes three or four months, also great. Our new policy is that it is no longer acceptable to put your health and wellbeing at risk for a deadline. Similarly, it is no longer acceptable to justify putting something “bad” in the game for a deadline, either, which I feel I’ve been guilty of doing.

In a similar vein, “quests” are no longer going to be our benchmark for progress. All progress is good progress, and even if we publish an update exclusively of, say, sex scenes and bug fixes, that still counts. So there is a possibility that you might get an update of nothing but new sex scenes, or dialogue, or other side content.

I’m not going to lie, this is going to delay the end of HC and the start of ILTSDK. But that’s okay- Harem Collector brought this community together and helped us get to where we are. HC and HC fans deserve better than for us to rush through the ending just to satisfy an arbitrary deadline I set a year ago.

And to be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t be comfortable making these changes except for how fantastic our community has been throughout this whole odyssey. You guys have been great, and I hope everyone will keep in mind that I’m doing what I feel is best for not only the team but for the quality of the game overall.

There may be more changes coming as we go, but the benefit of being small and scrappy like we are is that the whole team can adapt and overcome any challenge that comes our way. Thank you for believing in us, and I’ll do my level best to make sure that your faith does not go unrewarded.

NoMoshing Sabbatical

CW: Depression, suicide. Please skip to the heading “What Now?” if these things are a problem for you but you still want the gist.

When talking about my depression, I’ve found it useful to talk about it like a net, suspended across a river that represents your experiences. For most people, the net isn’t there, and so when things flow down the river, they’re temporary- dealt with and allowed to move on. But when you have depression, things get caught in the net. Sometimes they’re big things and it’s obvious when they get caught, and you know what you have to do is go and dredge that shit out of the river so your net stays clear. But there s a lot of things that seems small at first, innocuous, but eventually they build up. And by the time you notice they’re building up, by the time it becomes a problem, you struggle to keep up with clearing that net because you can only deal with one or two things at a time and, well, your net is already groaning under the strain. Eventually things are going to snap.

I’ve had things to deal with since the beginning of the pandemic that most of you can relate to, I’m sure. The worries about keeping safe and not getting sick, the frustration of yet another lockdown because your neighbours can’t seem to take the pandemic seriously, the death of family either due to COVID-19 itself or the neglect brought about by an overburdened medical system. I’ve been fortunate enough to be spared the financial difficulties many of you have been struggling with, but on the other hand, I wasn’t entering this situation with the best of mental health to begin with. One of the things that’s been on my mind recently is the suicide of my father, who I have now officially outlived as of this year. Add to that the ever growing spectre of climate grief and I have no shortage of subjects that keep me awake at night, thinking bleak thoughts and struggling to sleep.

Then on April 26th, following yet another missed deadline in a string of missed deadlines for HC, doing a job I have been dreaming of since childhood but that I increasingly struggle to accomplish, I received an alert from my password manager, indicating that someone was attempting to steal my identity. This pushed me over the edge, and in a frenzy I changed every password for every account, everywhere, that I own. When she came to check on me, I ended up saying things to Nekochan that hurt her and I deeply regret.

Following that debacle, I left home with the intent to end my life. All I wanted was for the frustration, anxiety, sadness and pain to go away.

Thankfully, for my sake, the place where I intended to kill myself was crowded with pandemic-irresponsible people enjoying the good weather. This gave me enough hesitation that Nekochan was able to call me and convince me to come home. When things had settled, we came to the obvious conclusion- that there is something very, deeply wrong with me and unfortunately, it’s getting worse.

What Now?

I am taking the month of May off entirely from work on Harem Collector, leaving Conash in charge of things at the company until my return. My intention is seek treatment for my mental health, not just to cope. I am approaching this situation from as many avenues as possible, exploring options with regard to therapy, psychiatry, anything in order to arrest my mental decline. Because of this, work on Harem Collector is by necessity stopped for the time being. I can’t even promise that I will resume in June because if I need more time, I am going to take it.

Fortunately for us all, I am not in Bad Kitty Games alone. Even as you read this, Conash, Nekochan, Hilent, Kumiho and Moomabelle are hard at work completing art assets for Harem Collector and laying the groundwork for I Live to Serve, Dungeon King!! While my writing and leadership is a necessary element of the chemistry that makes HC great, for now things are able to click on without by supervision. To that end, I am forgoing most of the Patreon “take” that I reserve for my own use in bonuses so that the team can manage things in my absence. Fortunately, Nekochan and I are well off enough that I can do this without creating undue financial hardship for us- remember to put money away in savings if you can, kids.

As to the end result of all this, I don’t know when I will be able to grind out a new Harem Collector release, but work is ongoing. If this turn of events causes you to end your patronage, I understand completely, and you can do so free in the knowledge that you’re not sending me falling into poverty as a result. While we will still be ending the Megafan merch program at the end of the month as intended, the rollout of the Bad Kitty Games store will be impacted as well

And with that, wish me luck. I sincerely hope that you are in better health than myself, and that in time I can return to work healthier and stronger than ever. Thank you, as always, for your time, support, and patience.


Harem Collector v0.50.3 RELIC Public Release

Get it here!

Changes in v0.50:
-The final Ancient Mysteries quest is in and mostly complete! Hit up the save point before accessing the temple portion if you’re super interested in lore tidbits but otherwise it’s completable!
-…Which means you can finally recruit Hanelore, who has new artwork and a completed face set!
-The Alina + Therese threesome in now in the game as a random sex scene and Kyrie now has a sex on demand menu!
-Meiriona also has a new face set, and several other new bits of artwork are in the game
-There has been a massive update of new sprites. Orcs, elves, Kellosians, and Middle Kingdom soldiers have all have a broad update of new sprites by Kumiho.
-Undead-themed dungeons have new dungeon music, as well as the Southport Docks.

Status Report

Okay, so with the way things are I’ve decided to put off releasing the RELIC update until the end of the month. That’s the big news you’re all waiting to hear. If you want more more details, keep reading, but I also want to say that if this frustrates you, I understand completely. I don’t think anyone is happy with the situation as it’s unfolded. The schedule will be updated later today to reflect the new release date.

So, what went wrong? Last Tuesday evening I somehow injured my back and shoulder. Not sure exactly how it happened, but it did and it was so painful it’s been difficult to even think let alone type for more than a half hour or so at a time. I’ve been more or less couch-bound ever since. Not just the pain, but my ability to move around in general was severely impacted. Because of COVID restrictions, I was only able to get medical attention yesterday. I am feeling a lot better today, thankfully.

On top of that, sapping what little time I could stand to sit in front of a computer and type has been this issue with Patreon over Merch. When it comes to the Megafan tier collectibles, the posters that were supposed to sent in February, but as far as I know they still haven’t been shipped. I’ve managed to get to the bottom of why, though. Apparently, instead of just having the cost of the collectibles deducted from my Patreon total on the first of the month like they have every other time, they’ve since started a policy of waiting a few days and didn’t tell me. And when they did tell me what day it was supposed to happen, they made a mistake, so when I paid out the Patreon total so I could pay Conash, Hilent and Kumiho, it delayed the merch even further.

Adding to the utter nonsense of the situation, Patreon refused to entertain any other way of my resolving the situation. I offered to pay for the outstanding cost of the merch with Visa, Paypal, Venmo, anything and it was all refused. Nothing would work for them except for having a Patreon balance on the mystery day they choose to take money out of the Patreon account for this. I’ve since given money to a fan I trust for the express purpose of them increasing their donation so that I have a balance for whenever the merch people decide to finally do this thing, but I have no fucking idea when that will be.

If you can’t tell, I am fucking livid over this merch situation. It has absorbed way too much of my energy this past week.

Onto more important matters- with the game so heavily delayed, we’re doing our best to cram in every drop of content we can for the RELIC update. Kyrie’s last few scenes are being worked on, including her vacation and Sex a la Carte scenes. We’ve implemented all of the new Kellosian sprites and Kumiho is working on new sprites for the armed forces of the Middle Kingdom. Clara has produced a little something that I think will add some fun polish to the game- special leitmotifs for some of the characters in the game for when they level up their relationship. On top of that, I think we will be able to fit in the sequence that starts the endgame, so you’ll be able to get a little taste of what Harem Collector’s finale will be like.

Anyway, I hope this all serves to mollify you all about what’s going on with Harem Collector. Until next time, adios.

Harem Collector v0.49 ARCANE Release!

Download it here!

Changes in v0.49:
-A new ancient mysteries quest, where a terrible spirits stalks Professor Hanelore’s students. Can you make Hanelore and Antimbits work together long enough to find a solution?
-Kyrie’s Love Quest is now available! Join her, Gui and Silas as they hit the town for a drinking party of epic proportions!
-Jalila, the elf village shopgirl, is now partially implemented.
-Four new music tracks, the Undead combat theme “Heterovania”, the Criminal combat theme “Criminal Scummies”, the new Mountain dungeon theme “Call of the Mound” and the new boss fight theme “Chaotic Whatever, Bitch”!
-Some new NPC sprites were added to the Elf Village.
-A whole ton of new “harem” chats!
-The first version of the new opening menu screen is now implemented!