Volunteer Appreciation Month: Gurotaku

It takes a lot of people to get a game made- artists and writers, programmers and designers, animators, testers, etc. A lot of people I hear from seem to believe that I’m the only person who works on Harem Collector, but this is absolutely not the case. I do the majority of the work, but I am far from the only person who has worked on Harem Collector. This June, I’m going to introduce you to the volunteers, one or two a week, so you can heap them with the praise they deserve.

First up: Harem Collector’s amazing 3D modeller, Gurotaku!

When I first started Harem Collector, I knew I wanted a lot of different sex scenes. Even the minimum amount of scenes that I wanted to have, however, would have required thousands of dollars to have drawn by traditional artists. I needed a more economical solution, and decided to go with 3D modelling.

I purchased 3D Custom Girl (with the help of the first twenty backers!) because it was what Harem used for it’s CGs. However, it proved to be more difficult to use than I expected- modding the game to remove censoring made it crash randomly, completing a simple set of four CGs took an entire day, and hunting for the right mods to use was tedious as hell. To pour salt on that wound, I was just straight-up bad at 3D posing. It was a terrible situation- making CGs was a teeth-gritting, frustrating-as-hell process of trying to get as much work in as possible before 3D CG crashed, and I was producing CGs I considered to be substandard even as I was putting them in the game.

A month of two after I started doing all this, I was emailed by Gurotaku with an offer. He knew how to work with 3DCG, and was willing to make all the CGs I would need. All I had to do was keep making Harem Collector and leave the rest up to him. I have to admit, I didn’t accept right away- I’ve always been very selective about volunteers, and I was concerned that he would get heavily involved with the game and then start demanding I put guro content in (it’s in his name, after all). It was Nekochan who gave me the final push, reminding me that even if there were problems with new volunteers, all I had to was boot them off the project and I would be no worse off than before.

However, all my fears were completely unwarranted- working with Gurotaku has been a dream. He’s always been open and honest about his schedule, and the few times there has been unexpected delays he’s always gotten in touch after the fact. His work has always been up to my standards, and at this point none of my original CGs even exist in the game any more. Every CG image is 100% Gurotaku’s work.

Other fun facts about Gurotaku:

-When I first accepted him as a volunteer. he actually donated to the game because he thought I wouldn’t let him in on the Backer release for volunteering. I refunded his money, of course, because his work is waaaay more valuable.

-A lot of the sex on demand images are his idea. I don’t usually have something specific in mind for them, and he just makes up whatever.

-Gurotaku is a trained chef. How cool is that?

Anyway, if you’ve enjoyed Harem Collector’s CGs, please post your compliments and thanks so I can send them Gurotaku’s way. If you don’t like Harem Collector’s CGs, well, too bad.

On a different topic: We’re getting merch! I’m putting together an order of official Harem Collector mugs featuring everyone’s favourite alleged hero, which we will selling in the near future. You can keep an eye on all mug-related developments here.