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  • Inconvenience Fixes

    This mod aims to fix some of the minor inconveniences in the game:

    Green-Haired Asshole
    First on the plate is stopping that green haired dude in the Wench's Gash pub, so I bound and gagged him

    Money Making Game
    Next on the plate is stopping the grind with the Money Making Game. So now in the game found at Shally's Tavern you will automatically win the game and it will auto-detect how you can win and give you it all in one goNow it's all that running around for gifting you girls. This handy little expansion will put two newts in Northmarkets Master Bedroom. One will allow you to gift all the girls from there instead of running around and the other is a gift shop, plus he will let you gather up all the gifts your girls have for you

    There is now a new recycle option. This will allow you to specify which grills/bois you want to have show up in the gifting script. If their name is green they are on, and will show up in the gifting script. If their name is red they are off and will not show up in the gifting script. Everyone is on by default

    Now you can do Alchemy right in your own bedroom with your very own imitating alchemy newt

    Fate Ender Scene
    Next up is something that has bothered me about the fater ender scene. Before the scene will pick the party member with the highest affection towards hero, however if there were multiple girls with the higest value, then because of how RPGM usually works there's a priority system, making some girls really hard to show up. However I made a little script to randomize it, so now if there are multiple girls with the highest affection it will randomly pick one of them.

    Number Grouping
    And now numbers, I don't like how numbers aren't grouped, so now I give the player between 3 different types of groupings or no groupings at all (There will be a visual example)

    Credits goes to Yanfly, the original code came from "Yanfly's Ace Core Engine". I just took that part of the code and modified it to work for HC. Link to original script:
    Second note: This has been seperated from the main mod. Download the NumberGrouping zip to install. Requires my Modded Options Menu

    Storage and Banking
    I wanted a way for people to access the bank without having to actually go there, and since JasonK requested Item Storage too, I decided to roll those into one since there is already a third party scripter out there, who made something for that, and I just had to make a few adjustments to add it to the ingame menu and make it work with the already existing bank system in HC

    Credits goes to Galv for making the original script for this. The script can be found here:

    You won't be able to access the option during the starting sequence or in dungeon. To avoid money cheesing

    I have been informed that there is a limit to how much you can store in the item bank (not the money), without it crashing. The exact limit may vary from player to player, but I can't be sure. In any case there is nothing I can do about this, it's just the nature of how this script works, you can overburden the game by storing a huge amount of items.

    You can buy and gift all your girls straight from your own bedroom, no need to run around.
    You'll also be able to collect all your relationship rewards from the same place.
    To go along with the remastered gifting script, I have now made the colors for gifts change based on a girls preference. Green is Loved, Red is Hates/Disliked and White is Neutral

    Tutorial Skip
    Now it's the tutorial skipping. As great as the opening of this game is (And I have genuinly enjoyed challenge runs of this quest) most people here have alread done it a million times already, so now there'll be a newt at the opening ceremony that let's you skip straight to the end of Lord of the Manor (Any bug reports on this would be very much appreciated)

    Daily Quests
    You can now skip the daily quests, you'll find a newt near the NPC that gives you the daily dungeons

    Install Instructions:
    1. Dowload the mod from the link below
    2. Extract the file(s) into your /HaremCollector_vxxx folder
    3. Play the game and enjoy the mod

    Mega Download Link
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    New update v17:
    You can now skip the daily quests, you'll find a newt near the NPC that gives you the daily dungeons


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      Now has a Mega Download Link


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        Suddenly not letting me skip, because it says I have yet to beat the boss, while also not letting me redo the boss rush, not sure if something broke on it's own or the update of Closet Reborn with the 'sprite directory fix' or the Powered By Wardrobe update has borked this /shrug no clue what
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          It also stopped skipping daily quests for me. This happened around level 28, where new (not implemented) enemies should appear. Perhaps this is somehow related?


          • RomeoPapa
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            This is the exact reason yes. I know about the bug, but I can't find a solution I am satisfied with

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          Booting up says there's an error with the NumberGroupingTMS how do I fix this? Also which one do I add?
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          • RomeoPapa
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            What's the error?

          • RomeoPapa
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            Also which one to add? Isn't there only one NumberGrouping thing?

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          I meant which version of the inconvenience fix zip file I should use sorry. The error is

          Script 'True Script Modding' line 12: RuntimeError occurred.
          NameError: undefined method 'add_modded_commands' for class 'Window_SystemOptions' Check file: 'NumberGroupingTMS.txt

          but I'm not sure what's wrong I didn't edit anything
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          • NoodleLord88
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            Ah thanks, so where do I download ModMenu_v4.1?

          • JasonK
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            If you scroll up to Number Grouping there should be a link at the end that will take you to the Modmenu page

          • NoodleLord88
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            Got it working thanks!

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          Update version 17.3
          Fixes the bug that made you unable to skip the kobold fights