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    So I wanna fill the game with mini-games
    First up is the highly requested fishing mini-game. More to come later

    You will find the fishing spot right above the fisher's hut east of westcastle. When you click it, arrow will appear over the top of Hero's head, press the arrow key in the direction of the arrow

    Cow Race
    In this minigame you will be betting on which cow reaches the finish line first. The reward will be your bet*1.5 if you win, if you lose you lose your bet. The race can be found at the west farm on the road from Northmarket to Westcastle.

    Snake Catching
    In this particular minigame you will be asked to catch 10 snakes, if you do you win, if not you lose. It can be found at the House of Cocks

    It's simply just that a lottery. You will always get a cash payout depending on the amount of numbers you get correct. The payout will be as little as a tenth of what you paid or as much as 10 times what you paid. The Lottery can be found at the Bizarre Bazaar

    You will now be able to find a magic scarecrow in Southport that is able to convert the damage you deal to it into Sil. It will however only give you Sil if you manage to beat your old record and even then only the difference

    You'll find a casino near Westcastle. They have a Slot Machines, a Roulette table, a Target Mini Game, plus a few drinks. Not to mention a dice game if you install the addon mod from @sgt_hebert

    Install Instructions:

    1. Dowload the mod from the link below
    2. Extract the file(s) into your /HaremCollector_vxxx folder
    3. Play the game and enjoy the mod

    Mega Download Link
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    I found a bug in the roulette game that prevents you from losing money when you lose,
    it really breaks the game when you can have infinite money


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      so, I tried adding
      "$game_party.gain_gold(-$game_variables[2].to_i)" below the lines:
      def self.even,
      in the file "MiniGamesTSM. txt" and it actually fixed it.
      but I'm not sure if it has any consequences. anyway I hope you can update this mod


      • RomeoPapa
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        How in the hell has this bug survived this long? Are people just being sneaky and not letting me know so I would remove the exploit XD

        I don't know if it'll have any consequences or not at this moment, I'll need to check, it's been too long since I worked with this mod, I don't even remember what the code looks like anymore or how it works
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      • RomeoPapa
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        The solution you did was the correct one... I just streamlined it a little, feel free to check it out

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      Version 7
      Bug fixes plus a new mini game to be found in the casino


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        Uh nother upload already... Version 7.2 realised a potentially bad bug with the new mini game, that bug should be squashed now
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          Now has a mega link