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  • Stats Overload

    This is a mod that list a bunch of stats already available in basegame bit for ludonarrative reasons are never displayed or are available but requires a few extra steps to find it. Plus it stores a bunch of new information that was never recorded before. So if you are a stat nerd, this is the mod for you.

    First up we have the actual infoscreen where everything is shown:

    This infoscreen can be found in the menu just click on "Stats"

    Second up is all the new recorded data:

    Battles Counter:

    There is a battles counter. Which counts how many battles you've fought. This information can only be found on the infoscreen

    Girl Data:

    I now record how many of each gifts a girl has been given aswell as how many totals. You can also see on which day she was recruited. This information can only be found on the infoscreen

    Day Counter:

    We have the day counter, which displays how many days have passed. There is also a handy little pop up at the end of each showing which day it is. It will also be displayed on the load screen:

    Bonk Counter

    There is the bonk counter. Which is basically just how many times you've walked into a wall. A little popup will show up every time you do, displaying how many times you've bonked

    Battle Additions

    And lastly we have some additions to the battle screen. First up you'll be able to see how many turns have passed, the battle results screen will also display how many turns you used. Status effects that have a turn limit on them will be shown aswell. None of this information will really be shown outside of battles for obvious reasons. But this was where the mod started and it evolved from there, so I'll include it anyways.

    An Addon
    So the file StatsOverloadOptionsAddon is 100% optional. But it will allow you to turn off the any of the two window popup, the turn counter and/or the status effects counter if you are so inclined. Do keep in mind this addon will require my Modded Options Menu to work

    Yanfly for making the Buff & State Manager which had the original status effect counting script. Which I just stole and changed a little to remove any dependencies from the old script and added a little bit of coloring

    Install Instructions:
    1. Download from the link below
    2. Download and requires Modded Options Menu) from the link below
    3. Extract the file(s) into your /HaremCollector_vxxx folder
    4. Play the game and enjoy the mod

    Mega Download Link
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    fair warning, in the most recent release 53.1 kraken, this mod causes issues with fights in chimeis love quest. keep that in mind if you run it and run into an error anytime you fight something during that quest.


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      V3.4 and Addon V1.1 is out
      prevents the above bug from happening.
      It doesn't fix the bug if you happen to have it, as I can't reliably do that without risking resetting counters, so if you happen to have run into this bug before downloading the new versions, let me know and I'll provide a special fix for it