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Just a quick update- Kargan3033 reviewed both Dungeon Assault and Harem Collector the other day. He’s putting together a review blog for free to play H-games and related projects, and has also reviewed Overwhored.

In case you’re interested:

Harem Collector Review

Dungeon Assault Review

There will be a more normal blog post on Wednesday, so I’ll see you then.

New Release: Dungeon Assault

Link to Dungeon Assault

What is Dungeon Assault?
Dungeon Assault was made by No Moshing back in May of 2013. During one fevered night where, after too much coffee and Ancient Domains of Mystery, No Moshing attempted to use the RPG Maker VX Ace engine to replicate a roguelike experience. It was a mixed success, however.

In the game, you take control of a party of four adventurers who then delve into an ancient tomb in order to defeat the evil Succubus on the bottom floor. The order of floors, treasures, monsters, and special encounters are all entirely randomized, and getting to the bottom can become a real challenge if the Random Number God is especially cruel.

Ever since, Dungeon Assault has been a special bonus extra released in secret to financial backers of Harem Collector. Now that I’m working on something else to send them, Dungeon Assault is getting released to the public.

Why is Dungeon Assault getting released now?
 Occasionally I take on side projects to test some aspect of game development that I later use in Harem Collector’s development. I’ve started a new one of those, and as such, it will be an exclusive bonus to financial backers of Harem Collector. So I’ve decided to release Dungeon Assault to the public, for the enjoyment of all.

What’s New in Version 1.1
-At least .1 better than the other versions.
-The party has been changed to something a little more familiar.
-You now have the option to save your game between floors

Do you want us to give you bug reports for Dungeon Assault?
Not really. If it’s a complete and utter game breaker, sure. But otherwise, I don’t care all that much.

Please enjoy the game and happy dungeon crawling!