We are BAD KITTY GAMES, creators and developers of quality, gameplay-oriented, hentai-inspired adult games. We invite you to check out our flagship game, Harem Collector or check in on progress on our next project, I Live To Serve, Dungeon King!! If you’d like to hook into our fan community, we have an official forum and Discord. If you’re interested in supporting development of our work, please check our our Patreon!

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Upcoming Events

May Stream #1- May 9th 3-6pm EDT
May Stream #2- May 23rd 3-6pm EDT
Harem Collector v0.46 CHILL Backer Release- May 27th
Harem Collector v0.46 CHILL Public Release- June 10th


Testing Week Updates

Hey all, just a few quick things because it’s testing week, and I still have a ton of dialogue to write. As of today, I’m temporarily removing the “Megafan” tier from Patreon. It will be back next month with a new poster featuring completely new art by Hilent, this time featuring everyone’s favourite necromancer, Larelle! …

Harem Collector

Join an epic quest to gather 151 harem girls! It is an uneasy time in the Middle Kingdom, with rampant poverty, war on the horizon, and a decadent, out of control noble class… perfect conditions for an ambitious adventurer with a taste for sex slaves to see his dreams come true!

Featuring hundreds of unlockable hcgs, dozens of hours of gameplay and an entertaining tale of a young adventurer’s rise to power, Harem Collector is the sexy harem gathering RPG you’ve been lusting for!

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Current Version: 0.45.5 (Change Log)

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I Live To Serve, Dungeon King!!

You were just a lazy seminary student, raised up out of the orphanage… until a clumsy succubus kidnapped you and told you of your destiny to become a Dungeon King! Now you have a dungeon to manage, adventurers to defeat, and monstergirls to breed with! And all you really want to do is have sex and laze around with some manga… so is this a nightmare or a dream come true?

Inspired by the classic evil overlord simulation game Dungeon Keeper, ILTSDK is Bad Kitty Games’ latest project! Please keep an eye on our blog for more details as development continues and our evil plans are revealed!

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Our Team

NoMoshing is in charge of development, writing, dialogues, editing, basically 90% of all the work that goes into our games. He is also President of Bad Kitty Games.
2095Conash is our resident coder and community manager!
is NoMoshing’s wife and in charge of character designs!
Kumiho is the pixel artist behind all our custom icons, sprites and tiles!
Hilent is the current artist working with the team, who is working on the new Therese hentai scenes!

Other staff who have contributed to Harem Collector:
DrawingNeko is a contributing artist who did some of the Therese and Doralice hentai CGs!
GusBus is the artist behind the Diadira CGs and some of the enemy battle sprites!
SacB0y and Jingzy are the artists behind the Nerys, Yamamaya, Alina, Larelle and many other scenes!
YukoValis contributed sprite art is currently one of our Discord and Forum moderators!
Gurotaku made all the 3D HCG. Even though we’re removing them from the game, we wouldn’t be where we are without him!
Kakurine, Daishi, and Eight88 contributing some of the sex scene text shown in the game.
Clara Middleton is a contributing composer who did many of the town themes and was also the writer behind “Rescue Me”!
Allie is the lovely lady who provided vocals on “Rescue Me”!