Extra Hard Mode for HC v0.46.1 by Omegon (Forum Thread)

Faceless Protagonist Mod by Hiusto (Forum Thread)

Inconvenience Fixes v4 by Romeo Papa (Forum Thread)

Iron Waifu Dungeon Mod by HorseHater (Forum Thread)
Adds a bonus dungeon and sex scene featuring all the characters who have won Iron Waifu so far. Please refer to the forum thread for activation details.

Old School Facesets v2 by Cazador (Forum Thread)

Pony Hero v1 by RomeoPapa and YukoValis (Forum Thread)
Gives the Hero an appropriate costume change during a certain story event.

Roaming Cerulean + Wiki-tan Mod v7 by RomeoPapa and Moonblack (Forum Thread)

Unrequire Hero v5 by RomeoPapa (Forum Thread)

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