Support Bad Kitty Games

If you would like to support development on Harem Collect and I Live To Serve, Dungeon King!! the easiest way to do so is via our Patreon campaign.

However, we understand that Patreon doesn’t work for everyone, and there are fans of our work who cannot or would not like to support through Patreon. Perhaps you even live in a country where looking at or supporting hentai and porn can get you in trouble. If so, thank you for your devotion to our little game!

The easiest way to support Bad Kitty Games is by becoming an advocate. Word of mouth is extremely important to us- we want people to play and enjoy our games because they are good, not because they have a flashy marketing campaign. Share our games with your fellow hentai enthusiasts, and you’re already doing more to support the game than most fans.

If you like, please consider making a Paypal donation to nomoshing [at] Or, if you prefer, please use the Monero wallet address at the bottom of this page to send Monero completely anonymously.

If you do make a donation in this way, please by all means reach out. We cannot offer the same level of service that we provide through Patreon, but if you’d like to receive in-game credit, or ask that your donation be earmarked for a certain part of development (art assets, music, whatever), please let us know. We are just grateful that you would consider supporting development!

Our company Monero wallet address is 47ksCY93zBBCujHFhW3DF6QrijEX5LtwpNYGey2GYPZU6yunvh8ViCDJrLFpmLBQBAMwzJhyveG2CaMSHLZjiXyzSPQmcY5

We are investigating other cryptocurrencies, and if you’d like to donate in BitCoin, Ethereum or any other please let us know so we can investigate.