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  • Div = all uses containers, think of it as a basic box. yes, you can put a box in a box in a box...
  • P = Paragraph. Its a box who is specified too contain text. This is what you want too use too separate texts
  • br = adds a blank space. it is how you create space when you can't use padding (space inside a box) and margin (space outside a box)

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Text Shadow


Code: <p class="shadow"> spooky! <p>


Box test!

code: <div class="box"> <p>Box test!</p> </div>

Box shadow

Box test!

Code: <div class="box box_shadow"> <p>Box test!</p> </div>

Center text

Box test!

Code: <div class="box centered_text"> <p>Box test!</p> </div>

Round box

Box test!

Code: <div class="round_box centered_text"> <p>Box test!</p> </div>


Box test!

Code: <div class="box centered_text inverted"> <p>Box test!</p> </div>

HC main box styling

Standard box

Code: <h2 class="HeadingBoxes" >Text</h2>
Centered: <h2 class="HeadingBoxes centered_text" >Text</h2>