Hello to New Users!

To anyone unaware, I am now managing Harem Collector’s new pages on both GameJolt and Itch.io, of which they’ve been receiving quite a lot more interest than we had originally anticipated for the time frame that they’ve been out, so I thought it’d be good to give them a quick little run-down of how things work around here so that all of you new folk can have an easy time getting up to speed with the rest of us!

First off, please consider becoming a backer on our Paetron page as the money is used to help the staff develop the game as well as helps improve the game by being able to hire on new people as needed, your support can even get you access to some private backer only discussions, early updates of the game not yet available to the public, and a small cameo NPC based on how much you contribute!

Next, a lot of discussion takes place on the Bad Kitty Games Forums where we work to keep players informed about the current events lined up (most notably this month the Christmas Eve public Cards Against Humanity game). You will also be able to partake in plenty of discussions about the game, and even vote in monthly polls about the game (this month it’s about what kind of quest you’d like to see next). So if that sounds like something you’d be interested in, we hope to see you around!

Finally, if you are having trouble with the game, while you are more than free to ask for help on the GameJolt page, Itch.io page, or the forums, you might find that the Harem Collector Wiki has all the information you’re looking for and THEN some! You can also try to get a bit more real-time talk in regards to Harem Collector from our discord channel!

If however this all seems like a lot to keep up with, you might consider checking out the Harem Collector facebook page or Bad Kitty Games Subreddit where I try to only post about the topics that most people would be interested in!

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  1. ehmm in Therese love quest i started it without Therese be in love and on the 2nd floor with the flames i cant extinguish them even tho i have defeted all the enemes…..oh and after i defeted all the enemes i reached Therese in love relationship and i still cant get past the flames
    plz help

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