Conash Leveled up! Time to start multi-classing!

Hey everyone, today is November 1st which means that I’ve been officially part of the BKG staff for a year now. So, I thought I’d take this opportunity to look back at this past year and stroke my ego to full satisfaction go over some of the things the big changes to the game in that time! (And yes, the barrel for blog post topics about HC has been running dry lately so nyah!)

From my end of things, probably best to start off would be the investment system changes since that was my first project once on staff. Oh BOY was that a mess, not only have I gotten a few of the features it was supposed to have wrong a few times over, but I’m honestly embarrassed with how I stored the data there…. As I once described it to someone, I basically had 3 sets of little note cards, red blue and yellow, and they were all numbered and supposed to stay with the other ones of their numberĀ  at all times, the smart thing to do would be to glue/tape/staple them all together and put these big 3-notecard big pages into one binder for nice clean organization and switch the pages as needed, but back then this gave me a lot of trouble so what I did was put each color note-card into it’s own binder and gave the computer specific instructions to re-organize them all in the same way…. Every time I think about it I’m always afraid someone will report a screenshot of two investments that got some of their data mixed up, even though I know that’s ridiculously unlikely. Most of my other projects don’t really have quite as big stories about them, the various menu changes were pretty big projects that expanded long stretches of time, the Line of Sight add-on that I made is one that I’m particularly proud of, I’m happy with how achievements are working but I do have plans to improve them, the Encyclopedia has been pretty popular though it’s only roughly 1/4th done, the furniture system I just finished was this really big mad-rush to get finished that happened mostly in the discord, oh I guess there is one other thing. When the save system got changed I added in the auto-save feature which has been very helpful to people, there’s been some discussion at one point whether it’d be better for the autosave feature to happen before dungeons/similar events or at the start of every in-game day… For now we’ll be keeping it towards the end of the day to avoid players having to re-gift after an auto-save but with the upcoming happiness system change that will hopefully not be an issue going forward, but I would be interested in hearing thoughts that other people have (and note: We CANNOT do both, to make it work at the ‘end’ of the day as we currently do we have to force the game to dump event sequencing which would break the game if that happened during a start of the day auto-save).

On top of that I’ve also made great strides to reducing the number of bugs in the game, but bug-fixing is an ever going effort so we’ll see where that takes us! Anyways, I’ve probably talk all your ears off enough for now, if you have anything you’d like to say feel free to let me know here, on the forums, the discord, or well anywhere that HC talk happens! Hope you all have been enjoying the contributions I’ve made to the game and hope that you continue to enjoy what else I’ll be bringing before the game’s finished up! See ya!

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