I’m not dead!

Hey everyone! Been awhile since I’ve posted a blog post, but don’t exactly have a whole lot to report. Currently I’ve been spending most of my work time focusing on a few other tasks which have been helpful in figuring out how we want to proceed on our next game.

Though I have been devoting some time to finishing up the ‘Happiness Window’ in the furniture menu that should give some feedback about what your furniture is doing that’s VERY much needed. It won’t exactly be perfect, but since a lot of places sometimes have about 10-15 different characters they impact it’s not really possible to give a visual feedback as to who every square impacts, the best that I was able to think up was to have the bottom of the screen tell you which characters currently love, like, or hate a piece of furniture after it’s been placed. I had meant to get this all done during the original addition of the furniture system but my time management skills aren’t exactly the best…

I did also make sure to add some elements to help make one of the new upcoming quests have an extra few elements of randomness, I will however refrain from going into the exact specifics at this time as I have a bit of a habit of opening my mouth quite a bit more than I really should when I get into things.

Not much to report beyond that. I have talked with NoMoshing about some plans for stuff that I’ll work on when for the 0.33 release but why spoil a future blog post opportunity now, so see you all later!

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  1. The new game+ fonction would be better deactived for now.

    So far,
    Lord of the Manor start while access to the manor & therese are already ok. But, that quest cant be progressed (Shali do not have the related dialogue).
    Then, family matter, ended after a message about it, gone to the house with her, completed the quest. Once back to the master berdoom, talking to her started the quest anew. Where its possible to enter the old house while it will thus lock inside the party.

    And the lock : Rayna do not recognazie the player renow, thus (if the next guild process are all set to trigged after that one ?) but so far, 26 renow and nothing.

    Also, is there more than the bearskin as to be used for the floor ?
    Is there a store as to buy more item, bookshelfs, equipment shelfs, etc. Guess the book should be buyed from the bookshop, if dedicated lists (martial, magic, cooking, etc). which each grand a specific bonus ?).
    Another missing thing is the weapon storage room.
    Ok, there is early a smith, but that not the place where to store magics, enchanted and others items.
    There is currently a room in the basement, but, prisonner and armory next from one another ?
    Knowing that given the character type, he would want to show off some parts (one item being Fate Ender, being able to expose for items would as to create a gallery ..

    Quite an ambitious feature this said.
    Also, the restart seem to have had another change, as before (using my years old save), the girls got back to sad each morning, getting better if gifted but now, some are very happy, while the others (out of prisonners) are happy at all time.

    Also, one of the starting scene (Home Invasion I guess) still show the old rooms settings. Knowing they are some events where npc make comment about the red being overly present. While its not longer there..

    To be seen, as been years since discovered the game and seeing it being still ongoing is quite good.

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