Carpets and Dungeons

Hello everyone, Iron Waifu’s still going strong but since we’re still in the middle of Round 2 we thought it was best to take this week to talk about game progress and I haven’t talked about what I’ve been working on for the past bit so figured now was as good a time as any!

First, I’d like to take a brief moment to talk some about the dungeon girls. It’s been brought to our attention that with the new happiness system it takes a lot longer to get these girls out of the dungeon, not to mention in Yeon’s case she already took a lot of time just to get her into the dungeon at first further frustrating the issue. After some talk about it, we’ve agreed on a solution that should help, the ‘torture’ and the ‘gift’ options will be separated. This not only means firstly that you will be able to torture AND gift these three girls once a day, but the results of the torture will be moved into the ‘Personal Happiness’ section. For those who might not be aware, this basically means that instead of being capped at +2 affection per day for these girls, you will now be able to get +2 from gifts and +2 from torture independently, which will make it so that getting them out of the dungeons is faster than how it used to be if you take full advantage of the system. That said, once they are out of the dungeons the impact from torturing will no longer boost their affection per day so don’t expect to get them to Love faster than the characters who didn’t go into the dungeons in the first place. Still, we’re hoping that this will help make the dungeon stuff easier on players as well as help make it more likely for players to experiment with the torture scenes.

The other matter that’s been taking more thought and planning for though is the new carpet items that we’ll be adding to the game. Some players already tried buying these items from the in-game shop for it and ran into some issues due to it’s lack of implementation. A big part of this is that while it could relatively easily just be made into little 3×3 patches of carpet that players could place anywhere via the furniture system, that just seem so…. Tedious and ugly if you ask me. If you’re going to buy some carpet you should be filling out entire rooms with one purchase I say, not having to buy 10 just to make your master bedroom not have a wood floor. To accomplish this though it’s going to have to get it’s own little system though as I can’t realistically make the preview shown in the furniture menu adjust to fit the entire size of a room on the fly, so a lot of thought in how exactly it works needed to be done. Ultimately what we decided on is that after purchasing the item from it’s store, you then go to the area that you want it put down, open up your menu and use it. If it’s a valid location the item will be consumed and the corresponding carpet color will be placed for the section of the map that you’re standing on. Players will also be given a non-consumable ‘invisible’ carpet or something like that with their first purchase that they can use to remove any carpet (and get it back into their inventory). This will all be entirely optional but it should go a long way to help make your estates be a lot more personalized, without being too tedious hopefully.

I’ve also been working on a few other bugs and odds and ends, but for the most part between other responsibilities and Iron Waifu I don’t have the most exciting additions coming this release. Hope some of you are looking forward to at least one of those changes though!

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