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So development has been going pretty well this month, while we’ve hit a few snags we’re looking forward to seeing how the mini-release will turn out! With that in mind I thought that I’d talk about what’s currently on my table of things.

First off, I’m working on the enemies for Larelle’s love quest, and I’m having fun with giving the boss a bit of extra thought into it. While the most recent bonus boss took quite a bit of fine-tuning until I was happy with it, it’s been awhile since I’ve had a lot of fun developing a sort of AI for a quest boss, so I’m hoping you all have fun with it too!

On a more code side of things, my first priority is to add something special for Larelle’s accessory from her love quest. This accessory is going to be designed to get at the heart of a lot of the difficulties people seem to run into with her, and I’m hoping that it’ll be well received but we’ll see, after all I do want there to be a bit of a surprise to it still. Beyond that I’m hoping to change up the rain system again. I’m sure there are people out there that might remember that the rain used to appear more smoothly when you entered/left a screen, and you also might not understand why we moved to a system that is a bit choppier. The reason for this is that the original system stood a greater chance of slowing down computers and all so we moved to the current system to try to reduce that, however as a result the change in rain had to help ‘before’ or ‘after’ a screen transition because of how RPG maker works, but I’ve thought up a way to change the system that should allow us to have it happen while the screen is black like it used to and even reduce how the computer usage even further. I know that RPG maker games typically aren’t exactly computer killers, but I don’t want people using especially old computers to run into the issues where the screen basically freezes everytime it rains, so the original rain system is not satisfactory to me, but this new one should hopefully be a further improvement in all directions.

Next up, we’ve taken a second look at the relationship achievements, getting in the ones we were missing, renaming a few, and might even be changing how they’re earned, so this might also be a good time to add in that progress tracker and the ‘Taste the Rainbow’ achievements that have been on my docket for awhile now. In regards to bug fixes, I’ve gotten a few reports from people who understand the madness behind my scripts in regards to the furniture system, some about some of the rooms other about some of the pieces of furniture specifically. This won’t undo anything you’ve done in your current game and you’ll be just fine continuing with that, there will come a time in the future that you might want to remove your furniture and put it back down in order to get more of an effect out of it. I’ll keep you all posted on the progress of that!

That’s about all for now, while I’m hoping to have time for some other sizable project next month, I also want to leave some room so that if I need to the rain system can be pushed back some.

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