May 2013 Release

It’s here, it’s here, it’s here!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a monthly update without at least one fatal bug in it. Here’s the updated version with (hopefully) the technical errors corrected.

-There are several new music tracks from Kain’s Combo Pack and the Cinematic¬† Soundtrack Pack off the RPG Maker website. This has significantly increased the game’s size.

-The Night of the Raping Dead quest is finally complete! Not all the outcomes of saving/failing to save the village have been implemented, but the body of the quest is intact and ready to go. Due to time constraints, however, all the dungeon material for the new character has yet to be finished- you can give her gifts and collar her though.
-Special Thanks goes out to dedicated fan Mickele- the forest segment was his idea, for which he earned his cameo as the sole surviving lumberjack who offers helpful hints.
-Hentai CGs have been added to Penelope’s blowjob scenes as well as a single scene (with two variations) at the end of the undead quest.
-Heavy armor now increases that character’s threat, and general armor (ie, normal clothes) now decreases threat. Uh, that was actually in the April 2013 release, I just forgot to mention it.
-Magical tomes now add temporary magic spells when they’re equipped.
-Luck now adds a small bonus to damage with most attacks.
-Unity Force now also heals HP based on the number of harem girls you’ve collected.
-Running has been changed. You may now tap the shift key to toggle between three different speeds.
-Doll now has a secondary weapon available in the weapon shop.
-Churches now feature priests who dispense lore on the local religion, and who are also capable of providing a blessing to your party (for a fee).
-The shovels should now return some kind of message whenever you use them, regardless of terrain.
-Penelope’s look (sprite and face) have been overhauled.
-A horde of squashed bugs, and new names on the bug finder monument
On, and here’s the RTP you’ll need to play the game:¬†

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  1. First, let me say I installed about 2 hours ago and am having a blast. Especially love the Momentum system in combat. After getting Doll and Blazing aura it is a real treat to play out the fights. However I did run into a problem with the Penelope sequence. Got a crash from failure to find “GraphicsFacesPenelope Faces”. The file is installed as “PenelopeFaces.png”. By renaming it to “Penelope Faces.png” the sequence completed without a crash. Not sure if this is the best place to give bug info. Anyways, awesome job so far and keep up the good work.

    1. The crash was bugging me a bit so I went back and did a little testing. The crash only occurs during the cutscene event because one of the character face references has a space when the rest don’t. When I have 2 copies of her face file as “PenelopeFaces.png” and “Penelope Faces.png” I do not get a crash. If I remove the No Space file it crashes by talking to her. If I remove the Space file it crashes during the cutscene. Hope that info helps.

  2. Played for a bit, found a few bugs, thought you’d like to know.

    First of all, I can confirm the Penelope bug above, now, other bugs:

    If you give Meline enough gifts to increase her relationship status, you’ll get the followup angel of love scene even if you haven’t done the “Meline’s true power” thing to meet the ange lin the first place.

    If you get the bonus characters from purchasing the unimplemented slave before doing the Meline’s Power scene, the game will fail to remove the bonus characters during the scene, meaning whichever of the bonus characters was first in line will be party leader during the scene. That character will then remain party leader when you wake up, and be impossible to remove from that position since the game doesn’t let you switch party leader.

    Since the “personal upgrades” satisfaction menu doesn’t boot you out between purchases, you can buy the same upgrade multiple times as long as you don’t leave the menu.

    If you talk to Shally before talking to the real estate agent, she will make you pay your bar tab every time you speak to her. I’m guessing because she doesn’t have an alternate dialog to switch to until you’re on the real estate quest?

    1. Interesting. Well, I’ve updated the game with the missing files either changed or replaced- apparently I forgot to change all of Penelope’s faces to the new style before baleeting the old one, and was overzealous in my attempted to lighten the file by deleting music I haven’t put in the game yet.

      Oh god the Meline thing and the satisfaction menu I’ve been meaning to get around to for awhile. Now that the first two Guild quests are done I think I’ll take a break from new content and work of smoothing out the rough edges.

      I forgot to fix the one unimplemented character thing in P2 and I am very tempted not to fix it. It was mostly just a band-aid because I knew once I threw in the big piled of extra money people who want to try and purchase her. Until then… don’t do that. Meline first, then the others.

  3. Thanks for your hard work! I’m having a great time so far ^^ a bit of feedback: if you lock the new girl in the upgraded dugeon and click the ‘touture’ option, nothing will happen however when you try talking to her again the game freezez.

  4. finished my runthrough of this version. Found a few more things. First of all, the bug the guy above is talking about happens because picking one of the torture options (or just closing the menu) doesn’t cause Larelle to go back to her seat, so when you talk to her a second time, she tries to move three tiles forward, gets stuck against the cell bars, and the game freezes.

    Now, for some other bugs, one major and the rest fairly minor:

    After I talked to Florine about the second shop and she said she’d be there, I went to the second store, but it still won’t let me enter and just says I should talk to Florine.

    When you forcibly collar Larelle in the dungeon, it triggers the angel of love sex scene.

    When you summon the amazing old man, there’s a point in the sequence where the old man just stands still for several seconds with no dialog boxes, then the hero gets a new dialog box and the man vanishes from the room. I’m guessing he’s supposed to leave the room during that time but the script isn’t working?

    And, for the “least important report ever” award… There’s a slight typo in the description for the Bottle O’ Nanites.

    That’s all I found. Good work as always.

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