Harem Collector June 2013 Public Release

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Now with slightly fewer bugs!

Ugh… what a week. In an embarrassing failure of QC, I had to release new versions of Harem Collector to the donors every day for a week. Thanks to their patience and vigilance, I can say that this version probably isn’t broken.

Note that if you are a donor- there is no difference between this version and the last one I sent you save for some bug fixes that were reported by dogsoneup.

Next release is July 17 for donors and July 24 for everyone else.

Changes- June 2013 Release
-The extended opening has been implemented! Yay!
-The Southport University District is now open and available to be visited.
-A new collection quest is now available in the Northmarket Slums.
-When you run out of slave collars, the Slaver’s Guild will now offer you a small quest in order to get new ones.
-For the sharp-eyed and/or obsessive compulsive among you, there is now a hard-to-find buried treasure in Lumberhill… and a clue in the Northmarket Slums.
-Finally, after first being promised in, what, March?, the Satisfaction Book is now 100% context-sensitive.
-The Content Testing chest now also drops an item that adds 100 Satisfaction on use.
-Lilac, Violet and Randi will now chat with you and accept gifts.
-Skills and Items have been thoroughly re-jiggered. Items now have a category tag in their description. Skills now have have a keyword description in their description.
-You can no longer use the Formation function from the menu. Instead, a party change menu will pen every time you leave you manor (or other estate).
-Hero no longer learns Lead the Way and Sound the Charge. Doll no longer learns Restraining Thorns. Meline no longer learns Radiant Chains. Therese now learns a new “Lay on Hands” power, and I’m not sure if they can be levelled that high yet but most mages can learn a variety of new powers now.
-What priests charge for blessings is now determined by the Hero’s level.
-New CG scenes have been added featuring Larelle and Lilac.
-New faces and sprites have been implemented for Therese, Randi and Alina.

17 Replies to “Harem Collector June 2013 Public Release”

  1. Worth noting that it doesn’t actually crash when you take the new shop girl in Eastfort or torture Laurle (though the sawhorse also causes the black screen bug). Rather, the screen goes black and fails to return to normal. The game does however continue to run. If you can successfully navigate to one of the twin maids (provided you have them), and then have sex with them, it will fix the bug (I have successfully done so in both cases). This is however rather difficult when taking into account that you cannot see and their locations are somewhat random (I suggest determining where the maids are prior to attempting). As I did not experience the bug with Randi, I’m unsure if it is the same.

    1. I love the game but some of the custom girl scenes just look weird with the blurred out genitals and the penis that looks nothing like a penis. It’s very easy to mod custom girl to have proper anatomy. look much nicer and have way more options for hair, skin color, clothing ect. I wouldn’t mind showing you how to do it and giving you links for all the mods, or even making the cg’s for you if you tell me what the characters look like and what you want them doing. I don’t want to step on your toes or anything it’s just a suggestion that might get everything in your fantastic game cg’d a little faster and looking nicer.

  2. I downloaded, to my knowledge, the most recent version, with the black screens fixed.
    When I choose torture in the dungeon, but did that already, the chat aborts.
    If I try to innitiate interaction again immediately, the game just locks up.
    No black screen, just nothing ever happens, and I can’t change that.
    Short of Alt-F4.

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