Maybe If I Shaved It’d Look Bigger….

Looks like next week will be the smallest update so far. I’ve been bogged down this last month with balance issues and bug fixing, and between that and the incredibly time-consuming task of replacing all the hero’s dialogue portraits with new ones, I haven’t had a lot of time for new content. There will be a couple thing though, so look out for that.

I had my first real “NEVAR PLAYING AGAIN” complaint in the last month. I have to say, I’m very surprised that it look five months for someone to start acting like a person on the internet. Especially given the nature of Harem Collector. Who knew that people who followed porn games were just so damn nice.

It’s kind of funny that I haven’t received any hate mail yet, especially considering the rape-y content of HC. Maybe it’s just because of where I’m running my PR threads.

Anyway, sorry if I’ve taken a lot longer to respond to threads, comments and emails lately. Now that I have four threads to read, and Hongfire is less an internet forum than a manufactorium where the servants of the God-Emperor churn out an endless supply of comments, it takes awhile to catch up.

Donor release is next Wednesday and I have a whole lotta work to do, so until then, happy playing.

7 Replies to “Maybe If I Shaved It’d Look Bigger….”

  1. It’s a good game man, i’m looking forward to the next update, 151 girls is so damn awesome! lol
    You’re gonna add CG’s for all the girls or some will get just text?
    The protagonist kinda remembers me of Rance (Rance series and such) and it’s just too funny!
    Keep it up.

  2. They are nicer because this hasn’t hit mainstream yet. Hongfire crowd, and Legand of Kyrstal are a little more patient with a free game. Other games such as Baby Siting cream I think its called however have thousands of followers from all over so he gets a shit ton of hate male.

    Think of it like the games with rape in japan, when Rape Play or whatever hit the light of day in japan, a mother group almost shut down the whole industry, they demanded an end to rape games, and all the companies stopped production on rape in games. Then once the heat died down and the “good” people stoped watching them, they went back to business.

    Heck that game when it came into the light changed the world, it woke up people all over and put new laws into action regarding what can and can not be done with a drawn character in a lot of nations.

    Just goes to show you the ones who regularly look for adult games and join forums for them are more relaxed and tolerant especially since before RPG maker games, I was stuck waiting for English patches on Japanese games, and these got way better story, yet still require a closed door to play 😛

    1. Personally I have less sympathy for the Baby Sitting Cream and Rapelay guys because both games contain loli, and well, that’s kind of asking for it. Say what you will about HC but at least it’s legal to own in most countries.

      But adult games do have that unfortunate stigma anyway. While I’d never try to defend Harem Collector as art, I think that Song of Saya has got to be one of the scariest, most disturbing video games out there and has a plot strong enough to be compared to some of the best stories in the industry. In terms of gameplay, Sengoku Rance knocks most AAA strategy game releases out of the water. (But then again, for some inexplicable reason even Sengoku Rance has loli. A perfectly good game made contraband because of three damn CGs, fucking Alicesoft.)

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