Harem Collector August 2013 Public Release

Public version 3!

If you are importing an old save, it is extremely important that you speak to the demon standing outside your manor before doing anything else in game.

Edit: Before I forget again, the next release is September 18th for backers and September 25th for the public.

So here it is, that big update I promised. What’s new? Well…

-There are two big, new quests! One is started from the Eastfort Adventurer’s Guild, the other begins automatically when you complete a quest after having seven harem girls.
-The first-ever freely explorable combat zone/quest area, called the Giant’s Path. is now open north of Eastfort.
-There is a little quest that occurs within the Giant’s Path.
-There are now unique sprites and faces for Lilac, Violet, Yamamaya and Chimei. Kyrie now has a new face but I’m still using the old sprite because it’s cute.
-Healbot now appears in the manor, in the reading room to the right of the master bedroom. You can chat with him to give back his old name.
-Speaking to Larelle or [REDACTED] in the dungeon should now not cause the game to freeze, die and/or email all your porn to your mom anymore, no matter what you do.
-There are five new sex scenes and a bunch of new CGs
-Having certain combinations of party members in certain places will now trigger bits of party banter.
-Chimei can now be purchased from the Slaver’s Guild market.
-The total number of Dark Seeds in the game is now up to ten, and the guy who collects them has a new reward for you.
-There is now a Trophy Trader in the Northmarket Slums who will swap your trophies for other trophies, for a small fee.
-Part of the counter in Florine’s item shop has been cut away so you can sell your vendor trash/buy stuff and then proceed through instead of exiting out the same you came in and going around.
-All skill use now clearly gives the skill’s name, to help you prepare or counter effectively.
-Tomes should grant skills to the person equipping the tome again.
-Experience point rewards for all enemies have been increased by 10%, and the experience curve as been dropped.
-The Necromanceress should now use Murder of Crows less frequently.
-The Health value of the Electric Blue Slime has been increased.
-The fucked up music that occurs in Lumberhill, the manor and the Eastfort condo has been fixed.
-The Backer Monument is current up to August 13th and the Bugfinder Monument is current up to the July release.
-Numerous other bugfixes have been implemented.
-Herobrine has been removed.
Enjoy your playing!

24 Replies to “Harem Collector August 2013 Public Release”

  1. Ok, ive noticed some bugs (or maybe some are intended).
    1. Small thing, my house was messy after i reqruited elayia even thou i allready had the maids, it Went back to Clean after a Quick exit+entering in the mansion again.

    2. During the new quest after you get 7 harem Girls, if you have unlocked your sisters talent with the satisfaction Points she will be buggy during the first conversation, 1 time my game refuced to continue and the rest she was just inviseble(tried 4 times with different slaves as slave#7), she allso did not join the fight unless she was part of the fighting 4 in your party.

    3. During the night when you unlock you sisters Powers Felix/healbot are still in the liberary and if you talk to him the Picture turns to the protagonists. (minor bug)

    4. Doll is not there when you talk to her after you choose to save her in the basement during new quest at the manor. (minor bug)

    5. Dont know if intended or not, but there seems to not be any kind of notification when you reach a new stage of relations with your harem Girls, but the new conversations apear.
    This makes the even that happens at your sisters rank up not happen. (major bug)

    1. 1) Strange, I’ll look into that right away.

      2) The way Meline is supposed to work is that she only joins your party if you have seven relationship points or more, but I’ll look into that.

      3) D’oh! Yeah, I forgot about that. Thanks for letting me know.

      4) This isn’t a bug, she disappears when she joins your party.

      5) I’ve dummied out all the relationship advances for now. I’m overhauling the relationship system for the September release and because of that all the relationship up messages were broken anyway.

      Anyway, thank you for all the bug reports!

  2. Bug: The corpse in the ogre’s lair seems to have unlimited keys: maybe leaving/coming back is necessary, but I have picked up 3 keys from it. This is a problem. Now the counter is past 4 and so I can’t open the chest.

    1. Yeah, I was told about that problem this morning. I probably won’t release a fixed version just for this, but I’ve corrected it in the game files so if I have to put out any fixes for super-serious bugs it’ll be there. If it’s any consolation, all you’re missing out on is high-quality vendor trash.

  3. It feels like I’m not finding all the current content, any chance of some form of in game tracker? Possibly a house decoration you buy with satisfaction that glows if a quest, property, or harem girl is available and unclaimed.

    In my head I see a crystal ball that glows blue for a quest, yellow for a property, purple or red for a harem girl, and white if nothing is available. If your feeling particularly generous you could also have the decoration give cryptic hints about where to find what its indicating.

  4. Bugs:
    1) If you go through the cave system in Giants Path before going up the mountain, the event with the soldiers talking about otaku stuff starts, but freezes.
    2)If you defeat all the soldiers before going into the tent and speaking to the adventurers at the enemy base, it proceeds as if you already have, giving the cg, but not finishing the quest. If you go back and speak to them afterwards, traversing the Path again, you get that part of the quest, are sent out to defeat them with the girl in your party, but no one to fight and no way to end the quest. Stuck there for all eternity (or until you give up and restart the game).

  5. Bugs I have found include:
    If you get the mysterious package then clean the house it reappears; In the Abandoned Hovel you can get an infinite number of Strange Note 1;
    In Lumberhill in the Inn you can get trapped by the frantically pacing maid;
    Various spots that the Seeker Stone reacts to, it continues to react even after the hidden whatever is gone;
    If you talk to the Dark Seed guy with any amount over 5 he takes them all, this should probably altered so that he only takes them in increments of 5;

    That’s all for now. Positive notes:
    I love then graphical overhaul you’ve done on the sprites and the addition of CGs. Thank you for including me in the Veterans of the Bug War. I look forward to what you do next. I’ll post anything else I come across.

    1. I’m glad the face overhaul is getting such a positive response from everyone, considering the amount of work it takes to do.

      Also, I’ve planned for someone dropping off more than five seeds at the Dark Seed Guy, the process takes that into account and will give you every prize that you’re due.

  6. Excuse me, There is a Bug in the Quest of Restore the Bank Account of Black Smith and getting three Delinquent Bank account to the Bank to be paid, Because I finish paid the two delinquent account and defeat Elvo the Illusionist and trying leave his house to let the three delinquent account paid then I stuck in the Stairs, Would you please Fix the Bug in the Quest of Restore the Bank Account of the Black Smith while updating the Harem Collector to Complete September 2013 version.

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