October 2013 Public Release!

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List o’ Changes

-I can’t believe I almost forgot this because I’m a douchenozzle of truly epic proportion, but the new title screen was designed by awesome fan and occasional insomniac Boinky. Thanks, Boinky!

-Yamamaya’s Love quest is now available.
-Ino, the enchantress, has been implemented. You can find her by taking Felix in your party to Southport.
-The game now displays a character’s relationship level when you speak to him or her.
-Elaiya, Flourine, the Blacksmith, Raina and Gargan all have new faces and sprites. Shally now has a new face.
-The Eastfort item shop girl has been redesigned from the ground up, and now has a new look and a new sex scene.
-There is now an invest-able jewelry store in Northmarket that sells magical accessories.
-There are now fifteen possible Dark Seeds to collect
Sex scene changes include:
-A new threesome with Yamamaya and Alina
-A new threesome with Meline and Larelle
-A (somewhat hidden) new gangbang with Yamamaya
-CGs for Florine’s handjob scene
-Doll’s gangbang has CGs and has been rewritten
Things that have changed since the backer release:
-Serade is now gift-able and reward-get-able but not chat-able
-Chimei’s primary weapon has been changed from a bow to a fan because reasons.
-Bugs fixed.And before I forget, next release will be November 20th for backers and  November 27th for the public. The reason it’s a little bit later is that the next update will involve heavy scripting and I want the extra week to make sure everything gets done right.

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    1. No, I mean a healbot as literally that, a hackeable piece of junk that’s usually stealing the doctors’ job… at least until some traitor hacks it, and it proceeds to poison healthy people

      SS13 isn’t a rpg, it’s more like multiplayer dwarf fortress in space.

  1. I have run into a problem during Yamamaya’s love quest. After beating the crow, I reenter the waiting room, the next guys go in, the hero moves down and then I can’t move. The guard also does not get back in front of the door but instead moves one space toward it and then turns forward and stands there.

    Also, I guess I started contributing to the wiki to late to get in on the unique thing, huh.

  2. Um bug report I got the improved assault reward the burning aura and the improved burning aura but now every time I click to reward my personal skills it closes the menu so I cant view or pick the other skills even though I still have over 100 satisfaction

  3. Praise Alina after the manor assault, after praising Yamamaya (Elaiya, Ino and Larelle not yet recruited, everyone else was), it just repeats the relationship +5 message on an endless loop.
    Hero and Elaiya’s sprites will sometimes revert to the default ones, usually, when they are depicted as unconscious. Default Hero’s sprite also sometimes seen in the Mushroom Samba quest at the point before confronting the Mycon Queen.
    Music never came back to Lumberhill after beating Larelle (Dungeon, not collared).
    Mycon Queen is VERY difficult now. Nearly killed whole party with combination of AOE poison and hallucinogen. Corrupted Mycon is ridiculously tough (still beat them both, but is very difficult). Hero’s Improved Encourage did not work on poison but works on hallucinogen.
    Serade not showing relationship level number when chatting.
    Since Larelle, Ino, Serade and Yamamaya all use trophies as “best gifts”, need to find a way to get more of them. Maybe buy them (the exchange shop only gives you a trade in, still need to make them multiply). Maybe given as reward for the daily random quest?

    1. Additional: Never found the Larelle-Meline threesome. How do I get it? Also, is there a point to the Strange Note 1 and 2 I found? If there is a secret there, I didn’t find it.
      Idea: As it stands, the clock delivery quest is annoying now and kinda pointless. I suggest expanding that last female Cosmage, the one with a Mechanical Scorpion, into a full fledged enslavable character, one who fills the “maniacal inventor/nerd” archetype. She could be the party member who used off the wall machines and gadgets to fight. She could, if you have the Old Man, start as his assistant before becoming a full fledged inventor when he leaves (I get the impression the Old Man is the Doctor from Doctor Who).

    2. I fixed the problem with Alina’s infinite loop.
      As for the hero, Elaiya and Alina using default sprites when unconscious, I have someone working on unconscious sprites for the new versions.
      The old sprite of the hero before the Mycon Queen is meant to be a joke for those players who have been around long enough to remember the old ones.

      As for the Alina-Larelle threesome, I have the CGs for it but didn’t finish writing it in time and forgot to take it off the changes list. It’ll be in the next bug fix update either later today or Monday.

  4. not sure if its a bug or not but in the tutorial quest with Therese, when you enter the room directly to the left of the slave area, the dialogue happens, then your character moves right, and I can’t continue. I did have the game awhile back, but did a space clean up on my comp, and accidentally deleted the previous versions. if it is a bug, then could you fix it? cause I am unable to see any new content from september onwards.

  5. Also stuck on the Meline/Larelle scene, and I chose Larelle. You can do pretty much anything you want in the menu, up to saving and reloading, but the screen stays stuck and you can’t proceed with the story.

    Another bug, if you torture Larelle in the dungeon, she does not go back to her original spot. If you then try to talk to her again, your game is stuck: you can’t move, you can’t open menus, you can’t continue talking.

  6. Speed Resets when taking Meline as a Slave and/or meeting Therese outside the tavern in the beginning.
    The seeker’s stone made a warning at the location of the porno mag behind Meline in the shop after I already took it 1 game day ago.
    Deposited money in the bank, came back to find money disappeared the next day, my balance was 0.
    Larelle is Bugged again in the Dungeon, Torture her, then speak to her again and the game hangs. Workaround is to leave the dungeon and come back in.
    During Manor assault, if you have Larelle and Felix, Felix’s sprite disappears.
    Doll Gangbang still has no CG.
    And Now after the Meline and Larelle Threesome, I’m stuck on the last CG of the event and can’t continue the game. This threesome never occurs if you collar Larelle ( I was hoping it had an MC version like her first sex scene).
    Hate to say it, but it looks like version 2 this month is more broken than version 1.

    1. Alright, I at least fixed the Meline and Larelle CG problem and threw up a link for that- this version also includes a bunch of changes I intended to save for November, but I felt it was more important to get out a working version.

  7. When trying with a save file of version 2, I’m still having the issue. I also get it when rewatching scenes (though it’s not really an issue, there). I haven’t tried with a new game, so if someone else has, and finds no problem, just ignore this post.

    Anyway, it seems to me the relevant part of CommonEvents.rvdata2 is unaltered (I’m just guessing, maybe it didn’t need altering or Notepad++ isn’t showing me enough, I have never worked with RPG maker, and could be speaking nonsense). Could it be you uploaded the wrong version?

  8. In your list of items, the Dehydrated Orgasms and the Dungeon Assault Tee only

    appear in the “ALL” section. This needs an equipment section in the items menu.

    The replay scenes menu already has items in it even though I haven’t started a

    game or imported a save yet.

    Not sure if it’s a bug but momentum now resets to random amount again for

    every battle, whereas in OctP22013 it builds and builds and retains over several


    When characters are unconscious, they revert back to their default sprites.

    Manor assault is bugged. I had Elaiya, Doll, Felix, Meline, Chimei, Larelle,

    Yamamaya, Florine and the Old Man (and no one else). I went to the dungeon

    and it was around the time Larelle joins willingly already, so she gets into my

    party, when I go out the dungeon, despite only fighting one set of invaders so far,

    it declares the battles over and then lands me back in my bedroom, but the

    manor assault continues and a day has ticked by as well.

    Meline/Larelle Threesome still gets stuck on the last CG. I got this after th above

    manor assault but skipping the bugs by simply not going into the dungeon, then

    getting Ino.

    During the Arena quest, sometimes the doorman still doesn’t move back into the

    right position, causing the hero to be stuck when he talks to him.

    Not exactly a bug but might I suggest an antidote to be among the items sold by

    the merchant in the giant’s path, considering that poison is used by some bees


  9. i was getting stuck on the Meline/Laraelle threesome scene and used cheat engine to bypass it (lowered lara’s relation to 20 every time there’d be a random cg event then put it back where i had it prior)
    Note that doing it this way will make Laraelle’s characer disappear from the game once you put her relationship at 20, but she’ll reappear once you put it back above 20 and if you go downstairs then go back upstairs. Recommended you do not save if you alter it down to 20 or close down since there’s a high chance you won’t ever see her again.

    1. On the one Hand that whould be nice… on the other Hand you will have your whole harem in love with you in Zero time… … … so maybe it is´nt bad that there only is a new day after the quests. …. howerver i want much more quest… so the days passes… and the whole harem can fall in love with me MUH HAR HU HA!!! >:-) ( Im very curiouse wether he will fuck Ino or not… and i have her at 99% trust ARGH – maybe he licks her wet only… this could be badass enough… but who knows with THAT Hero 😉 )

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