Harem Collector: Fairy Side Explained

Hi everybody, first of all let me say thank you very much for last week’s outpouring of support and general good feels. I am constantly shocked and amazed at how the h-game community defies pretty much everything anyone has ever said about the internet. You guys rock.
Secondly, you should know that the backers-only release for December will be on the 18th, which means the public release will be Christmas Day*.If general holiday stuff conspires to keep me busy all day on the 25th, then the public release will be on the night of the 24th, and I’ll keep you updated if that should come to pass.
Thirdly, there’s going to be a bit of holiday present goodness in it for you all, because a long-requested character will finally get a sex scene with the Hero. Post your wild speculation below, so I can amuse myself at your expense.
Finally, I will now answer the burning question that some of you have: What, exactly, is Harem Collector: Fairy Side?
MagicWhiteLady has been a good friend of mine for a very long time, and has been very supportive of HC despite that the sex in HC is not generally the sort of thing she finds attractive. Not only is she lending her art and web design skills to Harem Collector and Bad Kitty Games respectively, she also proposed to me the idea of a spin-off game, set in the same universe as Harem Collector but more relevant to her interests. That’s Harem Collector: Fairy Side.
Fairy Side will take place in the Harem Collector world, but in a different country with a different group of characters. As the title suggests, the protagonist is a changeling, a lesser kind of Fae creature with the ability to shapeshift. This ability of the protagonist’s is what provides the main gameplay difference between the two games- the changeling can determine her own gender before any given sex scene, showing you something different depending on whether you choose to have her be male, female or a futa.
I’m collaborating with MWL on some of the writing and game design, so expect the same sense of humour and nifty mechanics that are Harem Collector’s hallmark. You won’t have to play both games to get the full experience of either one, but if you’re the kind of person who loves game lore you’ll definitely want to play both. Please direct all other questions to MWL herself, because as of right now the project is in a pre-production sort of mode and I don’t know all the details.
Oh, and just in case you’re worried, both games are going to developed side by side, so there will be no change to the amount of time and work I’m putting towards the original HC.
*If the timing of this offends you for whatever reason, look at a calendar doofus- I came by it naturally.

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    1. Nothing else, actually. Sorry for being late, but I spent all my time today on map design and a couple small things for the release next week, and didn’t take the time to do the mass email to the weekend’s donors. I’ll get that out tonight.

  1. omg ive been waiting so long for this moment. best christmas present ever. now i have a good game to go with the beats im getting for christmas!!!! <3 i love you guys so much you rock!

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